Is God’s Voice Real?

Take our survey and help us discover how common, or uncommon, it is to hear God speak.

Posted in , Sep 19, 2016

Voice of God

We read about the latest survey or latest study all the time, but rarely about such a personal, spiritual question—has God ever spoken to you?

It’s not a silly matter of inquiry. Studies have shown that 48% of Americans pray every day, and that’s not just the religious among us (a surprising amount pray for their football team to win on Sunday). So it stands to reason that at least some of these people have received a response. For others, the very urge to pray may have come from an experience that convinced them God was present. Even those skeptical of a supreme being can encounter a communication from a plane of existence beyond ours. Is God speaking all the time? When, where, how?

From pre-Biblical times to the stories in the latest issue of Mysterious Ways, people have reported receiving messages from an unknown but powerful Sender. Sometimes these communications arrive through the device or gadget of the moment, but most often they are beamed directly to the recipients, hammering on their eardrums, invading their thoughts, playing in their dreams. Are they the few, or the many? We want to find out.

Please take our “Have You Heard God’s Voice?” survey for a chance to tell us about your experience with such unearthly broadcasts. We hope to gather enough data to show how common, or uncommon, these experiences are, and when and where they happen. The results will be published in a future issue of Mysterious Ways.

And as always, please share your stories with us

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