Kept Safe by Angels

Our little puppy, Foxy, was lost in the woods with owls, coyotes and other predators.

by - Posted on Sep 14, 2012

an adorable puppy that seems to be smiling.

My sister’s house is in the piney woods and rolling hills of east Texas. That’s why Barbara, her daughter who was visiting, thought it would be okay to allow Foxy, her new puppy, to accompany her big dog outside. The stifling heat brought the big dog back right away, but where was Foxy?

Barbara hurried outside to bring the puppy back in, but calling and searching yielded nothing. It was a tearful Barbara who e-mailed relatives and friends that night to pray for Foxy’s return. We did, and yet I knew from my visits that those woods were home to coyotes, owls and other predators.

As I prayed, I held out little hope. Besides the animals, there was a lack of water. How could Foxy possibly survive?

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The next morning, Barbara’s husband Ethan drove in from Dallas to help with the search. Nothing. He decided to try one more time before they would be forced to start back home.

Two hours later, Ethan came in—crying with happiness—with an unscathed Foxy in his arms. She had wandered a mile and a half away, and he’d found her curled up under a bush.

Who knows what angel kept Foxy safe over those thirty-six hours? Who knows what she saw? Is that why she is smiling?

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