Meant to be a Mother

She'd been praying for a child, but it just didn't seem like it was going to happen...

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Peggy Rasmussen's daughter, Anne, smiling as a baby

On Mother's Day we celebrate all the miracles of motherhood.

But back in 1959, Peggy Rasmussen didn't feel at all like celebrating. For Peggy, it was a reminder that she might never be a mother. She'd been praying and praying for a child, but it just didn't seem like it was going to happen.

Then Peggy received a Mother's Day message that spoke straight to her heart. Something that told her she was meant to be a mother after all.

My husband, Milton, and I were at church. So many happy families filled the pews, moms doting on their little kids. The pastor had just preached about motherhood and the blessings loving mothers bring. I had to fight back the tears. Milton and I had been trying to have a child for quite some time. We'd been married almost three years.  Back then, it was unusual not to have any children by age 25. In fact, all my friends had three or four already! I prayed every single night for a baby, but nothing was happening.

That Sunday, I tried to concentrate on the pastor's sermon, but I couldn't help wonder: Did God even want me to be a mother? Would my dream ever come true? Maybe I was destined to spend every Mother's Day childless.

The pastor suddenly paused in his sermon and looked out into the congregation. I thought he was finished speaking. "Now I'd like to pray for all the women here who haven't been blessed with children," he said suddenly, before leading us in prayer. That's odd, I thought. I'm the only married woman at our church without a child. I'd never told anyone about our struggles to have a baby, though.

The pastor wasn't looking at me, but he was speaking straight to my heart, addressing the worries that had tortured me that Mother's Day. I can't explain it, but I suddenly felt a calming presence–an invisible touch. An overwhelming sense of peace came over me. "Don't worry," I felt God telling me. "You will be a mother." I actually sighed out loud, I was so relieved!

Two weeks later, I came down with the stomach flu... or what I thought was the flu! It turned out to be morning sickness. The following February, our precious daughter, Anne, was born. What a happy Mother's Day that year!

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