Moms Really Do Know Best

Does God equip parents with a special gift of intuition? 

Posted in , Apr 21, 2015

Mother and daughter. Photo: Thinkstock.

Mother’s Day is coming up, and I want to get my mom something really, really good (and not just so I can secure my status as her favorite daughter!).

The only problem? I’ve never been particularly good at keeping secrets from my mom. I always manage to give myself away. After all, my mom is super intuitive. That’s something I wrote about in the last issue of Mysterious Ways magazine—how she saved my life when I was 14 years old. A true miracle.  

As it turns out, my mom isn’t the only one with intuitive powers. After my article was published, many readers responded with their own examples of intuition. Like this one from a reader named Sandra, who could hear her son crying from many, many miles away:

“My 17 year old was away at college and got sick; the dorm monitor found him on the floor crying he had pneumonia. I could not sleep; he was in Indiana I was in Oregon but I could hear him crying. They called me from the university and when I picked up the phone I said, what's wrong with my son? He was laying on the floor calling me and I heard him.”

Pet parents weighed in too. Reader Dana Apple recalled knowing her cat had heartworms, even when her vet deemed it impossible. “He told me cats don't get heartworms,” Dana said. “I asked him to humor me. Yep, heartworms.”

Some of the most fascinating feedback came from Dr. Joanne Cacciatore, one of the intuition experts I interviewed for the piece. Dr. Cacciatore counsels grieving parents and posted the intuition article on her Facebook page. The response to the post was incredibly touching, sometimes haunting.

“I saw a frightening vision in my slumber before my son's death,” one mom shared. “I thought... why am I experiencing this when I am trying to go to sleep. A few moments later we got the call to meet my son's friends at the hospital. They said his heart just stopped, and they were unable to revive him. 22 years old. I was in disbelief. But I know this vision was a warning. I knew instantly something was wrong.”

Dr. Cacciatore weighed in on the conversation on Facebook too: “I don't know how to explain much of this save to say that connection occurs at a cellular level, something we cannot see or touch but something we can feel deeply with our hearts. Yet, at times, I know some have not experienced prescience and that, too, is normal.”

Now I want to know what you think. Does God equip parents with a special gift of intuition? One that, at times, can even result in the miraculous? Share your thoughts and intuition stories below. 

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