Mysterious Ways: A Faith That Flowered Early

The boy who would grow up to be a saint experienced a miracle at a young age.

by - Posted on Aug 27, 2012

Gerard Mejalla was born in the South of Italy in 1726, the only son of a hardworking tailor. At a young age he worked as a houseboy for Bishop Albini at Lacedonia.

One morning the townspeople saw Gerard running down the cathedral steps with a statue of the Baby Jesus. He had accidentally dropped the Bishop's house key and chain in the well when he was getting water.

But this child full of faith knew where to turn in his moment of need. As the crowd looked on in surprise, Gerard tied a rope around the Bambino and lowered him into the well.

"Gesù Bambino," he begged. "Find me the key."

Onlookers laughed, but when Gerard pulled the dripping statue up from the well, there was the key chain hanging from the statue's tiny hand.

St. Gerard's feast day is celebrated on October 16.

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