Mysterious Ways: A Place for Julie

Would my daughter ever find the right home?

by - Posted on Aug 18, 2014

Close-up of woman holding keys.

The cozy two-bedroom apartment seemed to have my daughter’s name written all over it. It felt like home. Sunlight poured in through the large windows, the building was well-maintained, and there was a bus stop right on the corner so her girls could easily get to school. And the landlady, Benita, was so friendly.

“I love it,” Julie whispered to me. “Too bad I’ll never be approved.”

I sighed. Would Julie ever find the right apartment? A single mom with two young girls, she couldn’t spend one more moment in the apartment they lived in on the wrong side of town. The neighbors partied all day and all night! But living on disability, unable to work, her options were limited. Everywhere she applied, prospective landlords took one look at her financial situation and turned her away, even though she’d never missed a rent payment in the past. Nobody bothered to check her references.

Since Julie hadn’t renewed her lease, she needed to be out in a week. Time was running out fast. I said a quick prayer as my daughter filled out an application. Please let Julie find just the right place for her.

Benita called Julie the next day. “Normally, I might have second thoughts about renting to you,” she admitted. “But I couldn’t help but notice on your application that we have the same birthday, June 11th! I checked your rental history and references. The apartment is yours!”

It seemed too good to be true. The next day, Julie, the girls, and I went on a walk around their new neighborhood. It was quiet, clean, safe–everything we could ask for. Then we reached the corner with the bus stop that Julie and the kids would use every day. I glanced at the sign.

Now there was no doubt in my mind that this was the right place for my daughter. The name of the bus stop? Juli Court.

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