Mysterious Ways: The Howl in the Hurricane

I thought it was finally safe to go outside… until I heard that voice.

by - Posted on Jun 9, 2014

a tree uprooted in a storm

Hurricane Gloria was wreaking havoc on our neighborhood. Looking out my kitchen window, I could see the force of the violent winds rattling the windows of the ranch houses in our development and hurling branches and other debris down the street.

Just moments before, a massive tree had fallen from our neighbor’s property into our backyard. What other damage had been done? Had the cover on our pool torn away? Had the metal shed with all my gardening supplies been bowled over? I was anxious to get outside and see for myself.

The latest weather report said the storm would pass through quickly. Not quick enough for my taste. I knew going out before the storm quit would be dangerous, but all the waiting was driving me nuts. I paced by the kitchen window, anxious to assess the damage and begin cleaning up.

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The winds kept swirling. Rain puddled around the fallen tree, creating a pit of mud in my formerly pristine yard. So much for a quick storm, I thought.  Lord, will I have to wait by my window all day?

All at once, the wind calmed, and the rain slowed to a stop. Had my prayers been answered? Finally! I hurried out the back door and ran over to the felled tree. The yard was a mess, and the tree had taken out a fence when it came down. At least the storm is over, I thought, bending down to examine the wreckage. Now I’ve got the rest of the day to start fixing everything.

Suddenly, a voice howled in my ear. “Get out of here!” it commanded. What? Why? There was so much work to be done. But the voice was so strong, I got up and ran for the door.  Just as I reached the steps, a huge gust of wind picked up. I whipped around, just in time to see our metal shed soar into the air, like it had wings. Just as quickly, it came back down with an earth-shattering crash.

Right by the fallen tree. Right where I’d been standing.

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