Proof God Cares About the Big and Small Stuff

Overwhelmed by stress at work, our guest blogger gets unexpected comfort from a little silver napkin ring.

Posted in , Oct 13, 2015

Proof God Cares About the Big and Small Stuff

Today’s guest blogger is a longtime Guideposts contributor and one of my favorite people to work with–Roberta Messner!

She recently experienced a very personalized miracle involving, strangely enough, eBay and an antique napkin ring. (God really does work in mysterious ways!)

Here’s her sweet story…

Work had been harried, and someone blamed me for something I didn’t do. The accusation threatened my professional reputation. I reached out to God in prayer, but He seemed so very far away. I tried everything—counting my blessings, writing in my gratitude journal, you name it. But sleep eluded me that night.

Finally I gave up, and decided to do a little shopping on eBay. It seemed a little trivial in the greater scheme of things. But I’d been wanting to find an antique, Victorian-style napkin ring to encircle a new lace scarf I’d recently purchased.

From a seller based in Seattle, I found something that looked promising. A sterling silver napkin ring embossed with gorgeous stylized leaves. The price was right too. The dealer noted it had been made in Chester, England, in 1901. It was an unusually small ring, and I decided it would work well for my purpose.

After I paid for it, worry consumed me once again, though. In fact, I forgot all about my purchase until it arrived three days later. But what I found inside the simple brown UPS box would never be forgotten. It would always remind me that God was not so far away, as I had thought.

In fact, He not only cared about the big things in my life, but the very small things too. Even the hunt for an antique napkin ring.

For the priceless treasure also had a monogram, something I hadn’t seen in the photos online.


Has God ever surprised you with his attention to the “small stuff”? Share your story below!

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