Signs in the Sky

After a loved one’s death, the veil between heaven and earth is often lifted.

Posted in , Feb 13, 2015

Rainbow over the hospital. Photo by Seanmwhisler posted on Reddit.

I saw a photo posted on Reddit today, along with a short explanation.

“My grandfather passed away this weekend. I took this picture pulling up to the hospital minutes before he left us,” Reddit user ‘Seanmwhisler’ wrote. 

“He was a great man,” Seanmwhisler continued in his Reddit post. “It is so strange, he was not to the left of the rainbow, or to the right. His room was directly under the rainbow. We are using it on the cover of the flyer at his funeral tomorrow.”

I have no idea whether Seanmwhisler has faith or not, but that’s beside the point. When a loved one passes away, inevitably, we all become more attuned to reassuring signs and messages.

I interviewed a young woman for a job position this week, who recalled a time when she was eight years old and saw her grandmother’s car come up the driveway, her grandmother behind the wheel–impossible because she’d passed away days before. 

It’s an experience that’s stuck with her all these years, even though she still questions what she saw. Is it simply something about our psychological makeup that causes us our brains to make these connections in times of grief?

Or is someone truly reaching out to us with an unseen hand, letting us know that everything will be all right?

I’ve written about my own family’s experiences after my grandparents died–a game of “Words with Friends” that comforted my aunt, a fortune cookie that revealed two remarkably powerful words, even a sailboat on Lake Michigan that seemed to have come into harbor just to brighten my father’s day.

And of course, we’ve received phenomenally comforting photos from readers much like the one above. It’s things like this that make me feel death is not the ending it seems to be.

What about you? Do you have a photo that you believe reveals a message from heaven? Share it and tell us your story. Give us a glimpse of that invisible hand in your life.

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