Thankful for God’s Perfect Timing

When things in your life go a little haywire, you can still find answers and solutions.

Posted in , May 9, 2016

When things go wrong, God's perfect timing could be behind it.

My laptop ended up in the computer hospital this week. It’s never good when you tell your computer doctor what’s going on and he says, “I’ve never heard that before.”

It sounds like such a simple thing to be without your computer for several days, but for someone who uses it for the family business and writes full-time, it’s major.

I had to get creative to meet my obligations. My blog for Guideposts was due a few hours after my computer went haywire. As panic set in, I realized I could type the story in an email on my iPad mini. It was a slow process on the tiny keyboard, but it got the job done.

I couldn’t open files, so I had to ask friends to cut and paste what I needed for my parenting blog into an email. Then I could edit the posts and send them on to my assistant.

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I needed to send time-sensitive files to some folks—but since I couldn’t access anything, I didn’t have a way to send what they needed. But then God reminded me that I could find them in previous emails I’d sent and I could just forward them through my cell phone.

It wasn’t fun, but it worked. And throughout the days that this computer addict was missing her laptop, I kept whispering, “God, thank You SO much that this didn’t happen three days ago.”

Three days before, I’d been doing final touches on the two manuscripts that were due to my publisher. I got them in by deadline . . . right before my computer went crazy on me. His timing was perfect! And that made me think about how often He’s an on-time God. Even when it doesn’t seem like it to us at the time.

It’s hard to wait during a financial crisis, during health issues that the doctors can’t solve or when worried about a prodigal child. And sometimes, it can even seem like God’s provision is late. But it’s not.

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Here are some things I’ve learned from those times:

  • They taught me to trust Him more.
  • They set me up for the next crisis—by reminding me that He is a God with a proven track record of supplying our needs.
  • They taught me things that have enabled me to comfort others.
  • And they provided proof that God’s promises are true.

Are you in wait mode today? You can count on His perfect timing. Tried and proven.

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