The Annunciation: Images of Mary from Around the World

by Brooke Obie

For centuries throughout the Holy Land, churches were built by many different conquerors to mark places and occurrences referenced in the Bible. In the city of Nazareth, the childhood home of Jesus, you'll find the Church of the Annunciation, a Catholic church, built on top of what many believe to be the home of Jesus' mother Mary. In Luke 1:28, the King James Version says that the angel of the Lord, "came in unto her," and announced that Mary would become pregnant with a child who would become the savior of humanity. Because of the translation that the angel "came in," many believe the annunciation happened inside of her home, hence churches being built above the ruins to mark the spot. Though the modern church was built in 1969, a various churches have been built atop this spot since 427. 

Inside the rotunda of the immaculately designed church, tourists can walk downstairs and see the foundation of what's believed to be Mary's home. And throughout the church and on the walls surrounding the church outside, you can find paintings of the Annunciation or Mary and baby Jesus submitted to the church from Catholic communities all over the world. Enjoy these images of Mary and Jesus from America to Japan.