The Dance Class Miracle

This little miracle had God written all over it. But now I can’t help but wonder. What exactly is he up to? 

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This week I had one of those “Whoa, God!” moments. A tiny miracle that left me marveling at the way God works. 

The other day I was finalizing my plans for the weekend. I didn’t have anything to do on Friday evening (tonight) so I was brainstorming ideas. I had a few solid options–karaoke, dinner, maybe a leisurely stroll through the city–but nothing was really clicking. And then, out of nowhere, a brilliant idea came to me. A dance class!

Now, I must admit, my skills on the dance floor are highly questionable (think Elaine from Seinfeld!). But when I first moved to New York City more than four years ago, I became obsessed with taking dance classes. It just seemed like such a New York thing to do, especially since I lived close to the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, a few blocks from Lincoln Center.

Their Ailey Extension program offered beginner classes perfectly suited for someone with my level of “expertise.” So I spent my first months in my new city taking everything from hip hop dance to ballet.

A year later, though, I moved to a different neighborhood kind of far away–by New York City standards–from Alvin Ailey. Every time I wanted to go back, something got in the way. And the classes were getting too expensive.

Maybe Friday would be the day I finally made my glorious return to the world of dance. I opened up the Alvin Ailey website on my computer and scrolled through the class schedule. Hmm. There were a lot of options. I continued browsing, then clicked open my email to check for messages. There was only one new email in my inbox…from the Ailey Extension.

“As a thank you for your continued support of the Extension program, we would like to offer you an Anniversary Guest Single Class…” the email said. “Hope to see you soon!”

A free class for my anniversary? I hadn’t been to the Ailey Extension in more than three years! I never entered my email address while browsing the website, so there was no way for them to know I was thinking of taking a class. I couldn’t believe it. What perfect timing.

Maybe too perfect. This little miracle had God written all over it–only he could have orchestrated a moment like that. But now I can’t help but wonder. What exactly is he up to? Is there a reason I need to go to the Alvin Ailey theater tonight?

Well, I guess there’s only one way to find out!

What do you think? Does God have something up his sleeve? Share your theories below!

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