The Mystery of Flight 370

How you can help find the missing flight, as we continue to pray for all those involved.

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Mysterious Ways blogger Adam Hunter

The strange disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is not the kind of mystery we typically explore at Mysterious Ways, true stories from people who have seen evidence of a hidden hand shaping their lives. In this tragic situation, that can be hard to find.

But all of us here at Mysterious Ways–and many of you I’m sure–have been following the news about the missing flight over the past week, wondering if a miracle might be possible.

At this point, finding the wreckage of the plane amidst the vast Indian Ocean would bring a small measure of closure for the families of the passengers and crew. They want answers. They want to be able to say goodbye. They can’t do that without knowing the fate of the plane and where it came to rest.

It’s difficult to believe that in today’s monitored world, with cameras and camera phones and satellites and radar covering nearly every square inch of the Earth, anything can disappear without someone knowing where it went.

For those with faith, Psalm 33:13-14 offers a comforting thought: “From heaven the Lord looks down and sees all mankind; from his dwelling place he watches all who live on earth.” The plane and its passengers may be lost to us, but not to God. For those who believe, the missing have already been found and are being cared for, whatever their fate.

This doesn’t mean we should stop the search. On the contrary, it gives me hope that the searchers will eventually be guided toward the correct location. In fact, technology has been able to give us a God's-eye view of the area in which the plane lost contact. A Colorado firm called DigitalGlobe released thousands of satellite photos taken in the hours after the disappearance and is calling on people like you to comb through them and search for anomalies that may indicate a plane crash. Oil slicks, debris, life rafts–all should be visible in the photos, which are clear enough to resolve details as small as a dinner platter.

Will you be the one to spot something strange that will help authorities find the missing plane?

In the meantime, we continue to pray for all those involved–the passengers and crew, their families, the searchers. We know that prayer has produced remarkable results in situations like these before. Last summer, we told the story of Jim Nelson, adrift in the waters of Lake Michigan after he fell overboard from his sailboat. Somehow, he was touched by the prayers of his worried wife–prayers that ultimately kept him alive, in a remarkable way, until he was found and rescued.

Perhaps we’ll see a miracle in how the missing plane is ultimately discovered. Perhaps, even, we’ll learn about a miracle greater than the one that rescued Jim Nelson. If my time at Mysterious Ways has taught me one thing, it's that the most unlikely, impossible things become possible more often than you think.

Do you know of an unlikely rescue aided by prayer? Send your story to us.

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