The Soul Mate Chili Test

She prayed that God would give her a clue about her soul mate.

- Posted on Jan 10, 2011

Just because I hadn’t met the right man yet didn’t mean I had to give up on love. God, I prayed one night in bed, I know you have someone special set aside for me. Can you give me a clue about who he might be?

I closed my eyes and saw the image of a man. I tried, but couldn’t make out his features. The mere vision of him made me feel incredible love. I knew I was catching a glimpse of my soul mate.

“How will I know it’s you?” I asked my mystery date.

“I don’t like chili,” he said.

For five years the blurry vision of my soul mate stayed with me.

"Thank You all. Every book, magazine, and letter means a lot to us when we are away from home. It gives us hope, confidence, happiness, strength and pride that someone is there for us."            - Former Navy Sailor, Part of Operation Gratitude

I asked every man I met the same question: Do you like chili? “Yes” was all I ever heard. It seemed chili was a very popular dish!

Then I started dating Warren. I liked him a lot, but for some reason I couldn’t quite picture us having a future together.

One night over dinner, the question just popped out of my mouth: “Do you like chili?”

“No,” said Warren. “Can’t stand the sight of it.” That was over 10 years ago. Now my husband and I eat dinner together every night—but we never serve chili.

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