The Soul Mate Chili Test

She prayed that God would give her a clue about her soul mate.

- Posted on Jan 10, 2011

Just because I hadn’t met the right man yet didn’t mean I had to give up on love. God, I prayed one night in bed, I know you have someone special set aside for me. Can you give me a clue about who he might be?

I closed my eyes and saw the image of a man. I tried, but couldn’t make out his features. The mere vision of him made me feel incredible love. I knew I was catching a glimpse of my soul mate.

“How will I know it’s you?” I asked my mystery date.

“I don’t like chili,” he said.

For five years the blurry vision of my soul mate stayed with me.

I asked every man I met the same question: Do you like chili? “Yes” was all I ever heard. It seemed chili was a very popular dish!

Then I started dating Warren. I liked him a lot, but for some reason I couldn’t quite picture us having a future together.

One night over dinner, the question just popped out of my mouth: “Do you like chili?”

“No,” said Warren. “Can’t stand the sight of it.” That was over 10 years ago. Now my husband and I eat dinner together every night—but we never serve chili.

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