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I can no longer be charmed by snow days and the promise of hot cocoa.

Posted in , Feb 20, 2015

Spring tulips. Photo by iSailorr, Thinkstock.

Well it finally happened. I am officially over winter. I can no longer be charmed by snow days and the promise of hot cocoa!

This is the week that finally did it for me. There wasn’t a huge snowstorm in New York. I didn’t slip on ice or anything like that. I just miss walking outside without fear of losing my fingers.

I can’t remember life without a winter coat, scarf, gloves, hat and about four fuzzy sweaters and three wool cardigans. And trees! Oh how I miss trees that look alive and well.

So, I decided to share a bit of wonder with you today as a pick-me-up of sorts.

Take a look at these stunning photos of streets around the world that have been taken over by glorious flowers and trees.

Positano, Italy. Photo by Lina D., posted on boredpanda,

A little something to remind us that spring is coming soon enough and that, no matter where you live, wonders might be waiting just down the street. Even on these frozen sidewalks of New York City, life is still unfolding, miracles are sill happening. And, somewhere out there, flowers are blooming.

Molyvos, Lesvos, Greece. Photo by Jay21310,

Do you have a favorite place of wonder from around the world? Share it in the comments below!  

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