We're All Miracle Chasers

The latest issue of Mysterious Ways is out now, and it highlights why we do what we do.

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A field of red poppies with a blue sky and white clouds above them

This week, subscribers began receiving the April/May 2014 issue of Mysterious Ways. Those are poppies on the cover. No, we’re not covering the Afghan opium trade, but we did choose the photo for a reason.

Notice the viewpoint–it’s a sight most of us would never see, unless we lay flat in a field of poppies and wedged our head somehow underneath a thatch of them.

In the photo, these flowers appear larger than life, scraping the clouds themselves. It’s a reminder that beautiful, wonderful, miraculous things exist right under our feet–we just have to look at them differently.

That’s what the three women in our article "Miracle Chasers" discovered. Joan, Katie and Meb were three busy moms who didn’t have time to go lie down in poppy fields. But when they got together for coffee on a sunny afternoon, they got to talking, and in the course of their conversation discovered that each of them had been touched by experiences they could only explain as miracles. What they did next was embark on a journey to discover more miracles in the world and define their meaning, a mission they write about in their book, The Miracle Chase.

We loved their book because their story is a lot like ours. I’ve written time and time again about the miracles I’ve discovered in my own life. Our Associate Editor, Diana Aydin, has a blog uncovering the miracles she discovers on her lunch break. Our Assistant Editor, Dan Kessel, has contributed many a “Mysterious Monday” to Facebook about his miraculous encounters. At Mysterious Ways we all know there is more to this world than what we see every day. And the stories you’ve told us have only helped prove that.

So enjoy this month’s issue. Pass it along to your friends when you’re done. Or better yet, give a gift subscription. Help us chase down more miracles to share with the world. It will help everyone change their point of view.

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