What Australia’s Wedding Cake Rock Reveals About God

Why did God cook up a cliff in New South Wales to look like a piece of wedding cake?!

Posted in , Jan 22, 2016

The wonder  of The Wedding Cake Rock in New South Wales, Australia.

Here’s a bit of weekly wonder for you (one that might make you a little hungry!). A rock formation in New South Wales, Australia, that resembles a slice of frosted vanilla wedding cake, complete with layers.

Really, though, it’s made out of limestone and goes by the name of Wedding Cake Rock. The top of the cliff is smooth and flat (think: New York-style cheesecake) and juts out at a 90-degree angle. From the edge, some 82 feet up in the air, you can view the sapphire-blue Tasman Sea.

Wedding Cake Rock has been fenced off due to safety concerns (it might collapse in the next 10 years). But the delectable natural wonder continues to capture people’s imagination.

Mine too. Mostly because I wonder why in the world God cooked up a cliff to look like a piece of wedding cake! I’m always blown away by His creativity.

What do you think Wedding Cake Rock reveals about God? His artistry? His sense of humor? Maybe His inner romantic? 

Share your thoughts below!

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