What Does a Miracle Look Like?

Big or small, each one is a masterpiece. In one photo, share your idea of a miracle with us!

Posted in , Mar 27, 2015

Shells on the beach. Photo by Diana Aydin.

The other day I came across this article: “This Is What Happiness Looks Like in One Photo.” Check out the photos–they’ll definitely bring a smile to your face!

All those happy photos got me thinking. What would a miracle look like in one photo?

I browsed through the images on my phone, eager to find a worthy contender. There were photos of friends and family–all miracles to me, of course–and way too many hearts (I’ve explained my obsession before).

But there was one image that stood out. I took it earlier this year while visiting my parents near Sarasota, Florida. One chilly morning, my mom and I spent a good hour collecting shells on the beach. I couldn’t get over the shapes, sizes and colors. From far away, they all looked sorta the same. But up close? It’d be impossible to find two shells that were identical. 

So too with miracles. Sure, they can be lumped into a few broad categories–incredible rescues, healings, encounters, etc.–but they differ in a million little ways. God tailors his wonders to our personalities and backgrounds. Each miracle, no matter how big or small, is a masterpiece when you really stop and think about it.  

Now I’d like to extend the challenge to you. Post a photo that you think best captures God’s miracles and wonder in the “Comments” below or on Facebook.

I’ll feature the most wonderful examples in an upcoming blog post. Good luck!

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