What Is a Lunch-Break Miracle?

Most of the tales I heard growing up involved some sort of miracle, unexpected twist or strange life lesson...

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Mysterious Ways blogger Diana Aydin

Welcome to the Lunch-Break Miracles blog!

Now, I know what you’re thinking: What in the world is a “lunch-break miracle”? Is it a meal plan? Does it have something to do with Jesus feeding thousands with some bread and fish? Allow me to explain...

You see, I’ve always been fascinated by miracles–even hungry for them. When I was little, my mom would enchant me with stories about her tiny Christian hometown in southeastern Turkey. Most of the tales involved some sort of miracle, unexpected twist or strange life lesson (like the advice to always eat a pomegranate after a heavy meal to help break down the fat!). Around Christmastime, she’d switch things up and tell the story about how I walked for the first time–my very first miracle.

But as much as I like miracles, they completely confuse me. For one thing, what exactly are they? Has everyone, regardless of who they are or what they believe, experienced at least one in their lifetime? Can a miracle be something simple like catching the train on time? Or is it something far grander?

Well, it’s time to get some answers. Every week, I’ll be investigating miracles and seeking out wonder in the world around me. That includes interviewing regular folks–friends, family, co-workers, fellow bloggers, readers and even people here on the streets of New York–about the miraculous.

The best part? All posts will go up around noon. That way you can add a little something wonderful to your lunch break!

Have you experienced a miracle, big or small? Share your story below!

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