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Mysterious Ways magazine recently asked its readers if God had ever talked to them. Here are some of their stories...

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A woman pauses to hear the voice of God

In the October/November 2016 issue of Mysterious Ways, we asked readers if they’d ever heard God “speak” to them. We received thousands of responses to our survey, and hundreds responded with their personal experiences. Here are some of our favorites, which reveal the variety of ways those with faith believe God reached out with a message they needed to hear.


About 40 years ago, our 2 1/2-year-old son was struck by a train. It was as if time stood still. I heard a voice that was neither male nor female say, "He is going to be all right, but it is going to take a long time." The prognosis wasn't good; we were told that if he survived, he would be a vegetable. But I believed in the voice.


Today, my son has a successful life, lives on his own and has a good job. It was a very long time before I told anyone about the voice and what it said.

*  *  *

Whenever I have heard from Him, it is primarily about my relationship with Him—Him loving me and wanting me always to be close to Him, cautioning me of things that might happen in the future, Him asking me to forgive someone of some terrible things. Whether it's something I want to hear or not, it's for spiritual growth, said and done in a loving way.

*  *  *

When I lost my late husband, Doug, at 41 years old, I was only 37 with two small sons. It was a devastating shock. I almost died from grief myself. Everyone kept telling me he was at peace, but I could not rest. I needed to know he was all right.

One morning I looked at myself in the mirror and saw the toll my grief was taking and the weight loss I was suffering. I knelt at the foot of my bed and thanked God for the 19 years we had together and I asked Him to please give me peace with this.

Suddenly I felt very tired. I went back to bed and heard the phone ringing. I could see the phone in the kitchen and ran to it. When I said hello, I heard Doug's voice. He told me he wanted to call and tell me he loved me and it was time for us to have peace in our lives. The words Peace in our lives echoed in my head over and over.

I then woke up and realized I had been dreaming—or perhaps God answered my prayer by letting the only person I would listen to tell me himself he was at peace.

*  *  *

My experience was out of the blue. Right before my 13th birthday, I heard His voice inside my head. He asked, "Dawn, what do you want for your birthday?" Without any thought I immediately responded, "God, I want snow." It was as though I had heard from a well-known person such as a sibling or a parent. I immediately knew it was He who had asked me this question.


I have often wondered why He made himself known to me. I believe it was to strengthen my faith during the most difficult time in my life—when I had lost my beloved mother.

By the way, when I woke up the first morning of being 13 years old, there was a beautiful dusting of snow on the ground!


I was at the cemetery to pick up an Easter lily that was at my mother's grave. When I stopped my vehicle and before getting out, I sensed an overwhelming silent command to take a picture. This silent command would not go away, so I picked up my phone and prepared to take a picture. There was a huge gray spot showing in the lens, which I thought was odd, so I snapped the photo.

When I looked at the picture, it showed huge angel wings behind my mother's grave. No one other than myself was there. This was in a small country cemetery, and I am still in awe when I look at the photo.

*  *  *

I am an artist and I was finishing up some drawing that I was exhibiting in my senior art show when I heard a voice tell me to draw a church. It sounded like someone speaking underwater.

That following Wednesday at Bible study my pastor called me out and asked me to draw a church to use as a meter to show the progress we will be making in raising money. I began to laugh out loud and proceeded to tell him what God had already told me to do. When I returned with the drawing, everyone was amazed and my pastor said this drawing was just what he wanted.

*  *  *

I have heard the still small whisper a few times. One time an altercation was settled because the Lord told me what to say, and I said it. Later, I found out the man had a gun with him. The Spirit told me, "Mention your service."


As soon as I mentioned my military service, the man's entire body language changed. He relaxed and even though he was drunk and armed, he calmed down. I didn't know he was armed until later.

*  *  *

I only heard Him the one time. It was a rainy winter night that saw the temperature drop suddenly. I was driving with my three children in the back seat when I heard, "Pull over right now." I did, and the car that had been behind me spun out and did a 180, ending up nose-to-nose with me.

The next few cars slid off the road or spun around and though no one slid into us or seemed to get into much trouble, I felt we had been saved by the voice of God. I didn't tell anyone for many years and have only shared it with a few very close friends who were believers.

*  *  *

I usually get warnings that protect me from harm. Sometimes I listen; sometimes I don't. If I don't listen, I always regret it. I drove home one time on the interstate and that voice said, "What would you do if your car engine caught on fire?" The voice was a thought, not audible. I responded in my mind, "I would pull off the road. Should I take the car to the mechanic?" The voice said, "Yes."

When I got to my destination, I took the car to the mechanic and he checked it over for about 20 minutes. He told me that a mouse nest was under my hood and that if it had fallen on the engine, it would have caught the car on fire. I'm convinced that on my return trip, if I hadn't listened to that voice, I would have been stranded along the interstate all alone. Thank goodness I listened!

*  *  *

I was on my way home from work when I heard a voice very plainly in my head tell me not to go home, to go to my daughter's house instead. Of course, I argued with the voice, telling it what I wanted to do when I got home: Pick fresh vegetables from my garden and get started on cooking supper. It told me again, more distinctly, urgently, to go to my daughter's house. So I did.


Later, my daughter saw a phone message from my husband asking us to call him. He told me that our house had been broken into. If I had gone on home as I had wanted to, I feel that the burglars would have more than likely still been in the house, and there's no telling what the outcome would have been.



God has personally spoken with me on numerous occasions. Most importantly, He commanded me, "Get to a board-certified endocrinologist immediately!" And thus began my cancer journey. Blessedly, my cancers were stage 1 and stage 1 A and I have been blessed with 4 bonus years of life. Had I not followed His command, I dread the thought of what I would have gone through or missed in life.

*  *  *

His voice sounded like mine—like having a conversation with yourself, only inside yourself. He told me to get up. I was then hit with several blood clots to my lung and would have died if I han't gotten up while my family was home, as they were preparing to leave for work.

*  *  *

I have had a few instances of a voice, but it has generally been a commanding female voice. While doing my homework one evening, I was told, "Get out" right before the dining room ceiling fell. I just escaped injury and thought it was my mom who'd warned me (it wasn't).

Another time, I was also told to wait at an intersection out in the country with seemingly no cars in sight; had I moved, I would have been broadsided. A couple of other times, I heard a name, W.C., and experienced chest pain; both times, it was a physical problem with my uncle and I told him about my premonitions. He needed procedures both times. I tend to experience nudges with strangers, not a voice or words and I heed the calls.

*  *  *

It was a voice telling me what to do when I dislocated my artificial hip in a situation where I was miles from anywhere and couldn't get any help. No idea if it was God, but it was a being's voice telling me authoritatively what to do to get my femur to go back into the hip socket—on my own, something I would never ever have known to do otherwise.

I was in shock at the dislocation, about the voice and also the fact that what I was told worked.



God spoke to me right after I had taken communion and was in prayer. I was age 34 and unmarried. I had been asking Him over the previous months if I would ever find the person right for me. As I sat in a chair after receiving communion, I clearly heard God's voice say, "You will marry." I was startled and surprised. Within about a year, I found my true love in our church and we were married.

*  *  *

I had only been on three or four dates with my new boyfriend when we were sitting on a park bench one evening talking, getting to know each other. I heard a voice beside me say, "You are going marry this person. He will work with teens, changing their lives. You will be his support."

I wasn't surprised when he proposed after 2 months of dating. I didn't understand how he would work with teens, as he was finishing a business degree. After ten years in business, he returned to school for a teaching degree.

Twenty-eight years later, he's a high school teacher dedicated to going the extra mile for his kids, attending extracurricular activities several nights a week. I often accompany him. I've learned to accept what God says, even if it doesn't make sense at the time.

*  *  *

I've heard the voice when I needed to hear it, given each situation. I first heard the voice on my wedding day, as I walked up the stairs to my church's sanctuary. I was nervous—scared, really. The voice clearly said, "This is right." And it's been right for 43 years now. Each time I have heard the voice, it has been a time of change. And each time it has comforted me and let me know that all is well.


Straight Talk

Mine was only once and kind of funny. I was whining in my prayers that I felt like someone in my life wasn't visiting me like they should. I was in my car on the way to work and a voice came through my car speaker: "Neither are you!" Believe me, after that, I did.

*  *  *

I was a young unmarried girl; my son was a sweet, active boy of three, and he was asleep. I was alone in the kitchen beginning to fry some chicken. Thinking about my life situation, I yelled out to God that I wanted to get married.

I was so distraught I wasn't even shocked to hear Him speak in my mind. I heard Him say, "Are you hungry?" Still busy cooking, in my mind I said out of curiosity, "Yes." Then I heard Him ask, "Is the chicken ready?" "No," I said, still curious. Then I heard the voice say sweetly, "Neither are you."

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