Why, God, Why?!

When looking to God for answers, Diana Aydin wonders if some of her biggest obstacles are really miracles in disguise.

Posted in , Jul 28, 2015

a man looks up to heaven with arms outstretched asking why God

Why? It’s probably the question I ask God the most, especially when I don’t understand a turn my life has taken. Why is this happening? Why isn’t this happening? Why me? Why not me? Why, God, why?!?! 

Maybe you can relate. Some days, I feel like one of those TV show cops pacing back and forth in a darkened interrogation room. All I want are answers!

Well, last week I read something that shed light on my favorite question. Blogger Laurie Arnold wrote a blog post on The Mighty about her 8-year-old daughter, Julia, who has special needs. One day, Laurie was chatting with her mother about a special needs parent who constantly wondered, “Why, God? Why? What did I do to deserve this?”

Laurie’s mom said she could relate as she too asks, “Why, God? Why?” in regards to 8-year-old Julia. Laurie was a little stunned by her mom’s response until her mom explained:

“We ask, ‘Why, God, did you pick our family to receive such a blessing? Why, God, did you see us as worthy of your beautiful gift?” Laurie’s mom said. “Why, God, did you choose to change our lives in such a magnificent way through Julia? Why, God? Why? What did we ever do to deserve her?’”

At her mom’s heartfelt words, Laurie was reminded of one simple fact: “God is so good at loving us in far better ways than we could ever imagine, but we have to be willing to adjust our eyes to see it.”

Adjust our eyes. Could it be that some of my biggest obstacles are actually wonders in disguise? Hurdles that seem massive now, but will end up changing my life in a magnificent way? Certainly when I look back on past struggles, I can make out God’s purpose. But often I’m so absorbed in a problem that I can’t see my way out of it. 

The next time I find myself questioning God, maybe I should flip my favorite question around a bit to remind myself of his intentions. Not just "Why, God, why?" But rather, "Why, God, why… do You love me so much that You’re taking me through some tough stuff now so that I’ll be stronger later?"

What do you think? Have you ever questioned God and received an unexpected answer in return? Share your story below. 

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