Wonderful World: Rescued from a Raging Inferno

A man is rescued from a house fire; is someone watching over him from above?

- Posted on Jan 23, 2015

A screengrab from video taken of a house fire in Fresno, California

Take a look below at the image pulled from a video shot in Fresno, California. Notice anything in the smoke?

Residents of a quiet block in Fresno could hardly believe their eyes when a house near the intersection of Cedar and Dakota Avenues went up in flames. “My daddy’s in there!” a woman outside shouted, clutching her baby close.

According to KSEE News, a man ran inside the burning building. A woman called 911 and recorded the scene on her cell phone. Moments later, the two men emerged safely. No one had been injured. Bystanders celebrated—but it wasn’t until they played the video back that they recognized the image in the smoke. Check out the video capture below. Do you see what we see? You can also watch the full video of the rescue.

Screengrab from video of Fresno fire

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