Yes, Miracles Really Do Happen Every Day

How a seemingly minor decision led to a life being saved.

Posted in , Oct 17, 2018

Miracles happen all the time.

Miracles happen each and every day, but they may not always be recognized as such. The dictionary defines a miracle as “a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency.” Too often, when God intervenes in our lives causing a miracle to take place, we don’t realize it until afterwards. This was the case for my colleague’s mother, Jo Ann, who experienced a miracle that saved her life.

Jo Ann was traveling with her husband, Jim, and older sister, Jorja, from New York to North Carolina for their youngest brother’s funeral, after he unexpectedly died from a massive heart attack. Jo Ann was devastated by the news of her brother’s passing and hadn’t been able to eat or sleep for days. Because she was exhausted, she decided to lay down in the back seat for the ride.

As they were driving through Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, they decided to stop for something to eat. While waiting for a table at the restaurant, Jo Ann and her sister decided to use the restroom. As Jorja was washing her hands, she was talking to Jo Ann who was still in the bathroom stall. All of a sudden, Jo Ann went silent, and her glasses fell to the floor. Jorja knew something was terribly wrong and tried to open the stall door, but couldn’t. She then opened the bathroom door and yelled for Jim to come quick. Jim busted down the stall door and found Jo Ann unable to speak. The restaurant staff called 911. The paramedics came quickly and rushed Jo Ann to nearby Harrisburg Hospital.

When asked what happened, Jo Ann remembered fumbling with the button on her pants, breaking out into a cold sweat and feeling disoriented, but couldn’t recall anything after that. Although Jo Ann didn’t experience any chest pain, she had suffered a heart attack and needed to have surgery to remove the blocked arties in her heart.

After hearing the full story of how the three of them wound up at the restaurant in Pennsylvania, the doctor told them that had they not stopped for dinner when they did, Jo Ann could have died. He went on to explain that she would have had the heart attack in the back seat and neither of them may have noticed. Their decision to stop for food on a whim saved Jo Ann’s life. In addition, Jo Ann later learned that Harrisburg Hospital is one of the leading heart hospitals in the country.  

It has been nearly 15 years since the miracle that saved Jo Ann’s life took place. To this day, she thanks God for His intervention, causing them to stop for dinner when and where they did. Jo Ann’s favorite saying is, “God is good all the time. All the time God is good.” We may not always know it, but miracles take place all the time. Do you have a miracle story? If so, please share.

Lord, thank you for the miracles in our lives. 

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