God's Grace

A mountaineer admiring the scenic view of nature; Getty Images

The Big Question: How Does One 'Find' God?

We’ve collected the responses of theologians, philosophers and authors as they’ve grappled with the question: how does one “find” God?

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Church stained glass windows with sun rays shining through; Getty Images

5 Stories of Miraculous Nuns

True stories of nuns experiencing—and facilitating—miracles and mysteries

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A bumper-to-bumper traffic jam

Mysterious Ways: A Commuter's Answered Prayer

Her long drive was a major source of stress, but she never expected a solution to present itself so quickly.

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A collage of watercolors in rainbow colors; Getty Images

5 Miraculous Stories Across The Color Spectrum

These everyday reassurances of God’s blessings remind us that divine miracles can saturate our lives at any time.

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Photo credit: Johnny and Emmy Sundby

How Constant Prayer Gave Her a Miracle Baby

After struggling to have a second child, prayers and her son’s remarkable premonition guided her out of infertility.

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A Family Divinely Connected Through Historical Photos

She had a special bond with her husband’s grandmother. After perusing some scrapbooks, she learned the reason why.

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A Near-Death Experience During a Lung Transplant

During his surgery, he was transported to an otherworldly place filled with light, and met two mysterious figures.

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Photo credit: Christine Simoneau Hales

How An Artist Found Her Purpose Through This Divine Encounter

A mysterious meeting prompted her to create faith-filled artwork designed to inspire others to reconnect with God.

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Ted's wife, Jeannie, and the young boy she saved; Photo credit: INDIANAPOLIS STAR/USA TODAY NETWORK

How This Fateful Encounter Became a Lesson in Forgiveness

This pastor received a letter from a prisoner that replaced his resentment with grace.

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Dog with a paper heart on his nose; Getty Images

The Big Question: What Is Love?

Love is one of the most powerful force in the world. It can be devastating, uplifting, life-changing. It can move mountains and part seas. But what is love? Browse the musings of famous authors, poets and other sources of wisdom for potential answers to this eternal question.

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Edward and Gracie

How a Sleepless Night Can Draw Us Nearer to God

After being booted from bed by a golden retriever, witnessing a miracle of the obvious.

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A palm leaf; Getty Images

How The Miracles of Holy Week Fortified His Faith

The miraculous signs that affirmed Jesus’ sanctity became a transcendent experience and a wondrous spiritual training.

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Hearing God in our dreams

5 Ways to Help You Hear God in Your Dreams

Tips for remembering, recording and pondering a divine nudge.

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A woman on the phone

Mysterious Ways: The Blessing of a False Positive

An unwelcome diagnosis proves to be a gift from above.

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