God's Grace

Edward Grinnan

Have You Received a Comforting Sign from a Loved One Who Has Passed?

For one son, it appeared in a secondhand bookstore on the first anniversary of his mother’s death.

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An illustration of a field of puppies;ILLUSTRATION BY ERIC CHOW

How His Vivid Dream of Dogs Became a Divine Sign

After the death of his dog, he didn’t think he was ready for another. But God had other plans.

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An illustration depicting two overlapping hands; ILLUSTRATION BY SANDRA DIONISI

3 Mysterious Stories of Divine Hands at Work

These righteous testimonials illustrate a heaven-sent presence that provided spiritual comfort, aid and healing.

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Mountains and green forest in Slovenia; Getty Images

Two Visions: Otherwordly Glimpses of The Afterlife

She never thought about life after life—until she glimpsed it herself.

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Rick Hamlin; Photo credit: Jim Anness

How Divine Timing Saved His Life

In retrospect, he realized that he was a walking miracle.

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Connie's father as a boy; Photo credit: Connie E. Connely

This Lost Photo Helped Heal Their Wounds

How a missing picture of her late father reunited her family.

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Photo credit: Elijah Stephens

A Conversation with a Miracle Investigator

Elijah Stephens traveled across the country interviewing people who have experienced miraculous healings. Here are his findings from his quest.

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A snowboarder making a high jump in clear, blue sky; Getty Images

Silver Medalist Amy Purdy's Spiritual Experience

This Paralympian had a near-death experience that gave her the strength and perseverance for snowboarding.

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Nature scene in New Zealand; Getty Images

The Big Question: What Does God Look Like?

In moments of deep prayer and contemplation, we can even feel his presence. But what does God look like? It’s a question that many people—philosophers, theologians and even poets—have tried to answer.

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One family's Christmas miracle

One Family’s Christmas Miracle

With an infant son in the hospital, a family prayed its way to a most memorable homecoming.

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Kathy and Lori; Photo credit: Lori Sciame

How This Long-Lost Book Brought Divine Comfort

Inscribed with a cherished handwritten message, the book brought peace and strengthened a friendship.

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Photo credit: DAVID COLE/ALAMY

3 Divine Signs from Beyond at Christmas

Christmas messages from beyond that brought comfort and peace during the holiday season.

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An illustration of a bird on a farm; ILLUSTRATION BY CHRIS BUZZELLI

How This Mysterious Visitor Changed a Farmer's Outlook on Life

A small bird kept him company and gave him motivating reassurance as he did the fieldwork.

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A snowy road from a car's dashboard view; Getty Images/iStock Photo

How Mysterious Tracks Gave Her Hope in a Snowstorm

After her cell phone lost service in the midst of a blizzard, she started to follow peculiar headlights hoping to find a way out...

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