God's Grace

A green convertible; Photo credit: John F. Berry

How a Convertible Became a Family Connection

His mother's green Cutlass was a sign from beyond.

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Illustration of missed calls icon, mobile phone in pocket and unknown caller; Illustrations by James Steinberg

3 Mysterious Stories of Divine Phone Calls

Whether it’s a loved one calling from above or a divine operator relaying the message, these comforting tales are nothing short of miraculous.

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Illustration by Charles Chaisson

The Heaven-Sent Miracle of This Family’s Profound Story

A life-saving message, a mysterious nurse and a surgeon in Philadelphia made this story unforgettable.

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An illustration of a pregnant woman; Illustration by Nomoco

The Incredible Miracle of Her First Son

She kept hearing God say she would have a son. His promise became the divine comfort she needed.

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Man breaking a cigarette in half; Getty Images

Divine Intervention Helped Him Quit Smoking

This heaven-sent dream motivated him to beat his nicotine addiction.

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Illustration of a surfer in wetsuit; Illustration by Tanguy Jestin

A Surfer's Divine Warning

Although he ignored a sign from above, he was still miraculously protected.

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Silouette of woman walking into sunset light; Getty Images

5 Stories of Heavenly Rescues

Lost in the dark, these people were saved by God’s divine light.

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Beach scene; Getty Images

5 Divine Beach Rescues That Will Amaze You

These incredible stories by the sea illustrate His divine presence in beaches throughout the world.

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A kitten with a wedding ring; photo by Getty Images

Mysterious Ways: The Kitten Who Was Destined to Be His

 A widower finds comfort and healing by many coincidences linked to his new furry friend.

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Illustration of a doormat, an open door and a key; Illustrations by James Steinberg

3 Miraculous Stories of Heaven-Sent Houses

This collection of house hunting miracles reminds us that the divine architect is always at work.

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An illustration of an individual's windshield viewpoint; Illustration by Leland Foster

How a Mysterious Dream Became a Divine Warning

He was hesitant to drive after his peculiar vision, but divine intervention guided him safely on his path.

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An illustration of an open window with a beachfront view; Illustration by Tatsuro Kiuchi

How a Divine Voice Offered Guidance and Strength

The strange voice reminded her that she was a good mother by sticking to her instincts.

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Susans father in uniform; Photo credit: Susan A. Karas

A Heaven-Sent Encounter Became Comfort from Beyond

A woman gets a healing sign from beyond after the passing of her veteran father.

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An illustration depicting a scale in the sky; Illustration by Stuart Briers

The Soul: An Exploration of Characteristics and Existence

Experts weigh in on the location and definition of one’s spiritual self.

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