God's Grace

A young girl holding a string of brightly lit lanterns in prayer.

9 Inspiring Quotes from Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel

Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel (1907-1972) was a philosopher and civil rights activist best known for his writings on ethics and mysticism. Born into a family of Hasidic rabbis in Warsaw, Poland, he was called to the spiritual life at a young age. In 1939, weeks before the Nazi invasion, Herschel fled to London and then New York City. His mother and sisters died in the Holocaust, a tragedy that greatly shaped Heschel’s theology. Most significantly his conviction that people can choose to live in a state of constant awe and gratitude, and act alongside God to create a better world. A belief that led Heschel to march alongside Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., in Selma, of which he famously said, “I felt my legs were praying.” Heschel’s words continue to spur new generations to live in radical amazement.

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A portrait of Jacques Ribbons at about the age he appeared in granddaughter Hilary's dream.

What Do the Dreams of the Departed Tell Us?

Mysterious Ways editor Hilary Ribons had a dream three days later of her grandfather who passed away. She turns to experts for the interpretation.

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Summer wonder

Summer Wonders

Here’s to having a summer filled with awe, wonder, mystery and miracles.

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President Franklin D. Roosevelt in the healing waters of Warm Springs, Georgia.

Franklin D. Roosevelt's Healing Waters

The President found hope in the miraculous waters of this town in Georgia and set out on a journey to heal.

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An artist's rendering of a woman gazing into a mirror at a loved one who shares her pain

Is It Possible to Feel Sympathy Pains?

Could a mysterious bond allow loved ones and even strangers to experience shared emotions or physical sensations?

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Robin Hill-Page Glanden's vintage strawberry candy tin

Was a Flea Market Find a Sign for the Future?

A vintage tin that once contained strawberry candy connected her with her family back in Delaware—and pointed the way to a welcome new  connection.

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Charles Carver's late mother

Who Was the Mystery Woman in His Childhood Dreams?

He never knew his mother. Maybe the  mysterious figure in a recurring dream was not so unfamiliar after all.

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The Big Question: What Does the Soul Look Like?

The Big Question: What Does the Soul Look Like?

From psychologists to pastors, enjoy these quotes on what they have to say on what our souls look like.

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A father and his son stroll down a country lane

Divorced Dad Finds Hope

Driving his children home on a stormy night, he was discouraged—and suddenly in danger

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Rev. John Newton

Rev. John Newton, the Pastor Who Wrote 'Amazing Grace'

One of the world's most beloved hymns was written by a onetime slave trader who repented, turned his life over to God and became an ordained minister and an ardent abolitionist.

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Bassett Hound on woodland path

A Devoted Canine Finds Her Lost Pal

This determined hound found her dear pup pal trapped and alerted others immediately for help.

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A brilliant sunset in the South Pole.

A Pastor's Inspiring Around-the-World Adventures

A newly married pastor finds inspiration in the adventurous travels on which his new bride leads him.

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