God's Mysterious, Yet Perfect, Timing

It was nothing like the evening I’d had in mind, writes Mysterious Ways guest blogger Diana Aydin. It was better.

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Guideposts and Mysterious Ways editors in Tucson for the Writers Workshop

Today’s guest blogger is Mysterious Ways associate editor Diana Aydin.

On Friday I traveled to Tucson with some of my fellow editors for a Guideposts Writers Workshop. I’m a bit of an over-preparer: My flight was 10:30 in the morning, but I arrived at the airport promptly at 7:30 a.m.!

While waiting to board, I went over the evening’s itinerary in my head. We’d arrive in the late afternoon, head to dinner, then take a Sabino Canyon tram ride through the Santa Catalina Mountains. It would be just like a safari, Rick Hamlin promised. I could hardly wait.

One problem. Our flight was delayed and we arrived at the hotel way past schedule. By the time we scarfed down dinner it was almost 7 p.m., and our tram departed at 7:30. We hopped in the car... but got lost along the way. When we finally made it to Sabino Canyon, the tram was long gone. I was disappointed. The magical moonlit safari just wasn’t meant to be.   

“Well, why don’t we walk where the tram would’ve taken us?” Rick suggested.

We wouldn’t have the comfort of a tram and the commentary of a guide—and I wasn’t wearing walking shoes—but it would have to do. So we took off, taking in the rust-colored mountains, the prickly outline of cacti and the wispy clouds in the distance. Instead of commentary from a guide, I was treated to funny stories about Guideposts back in the day from the other editors. Darkness fell over the mountain and the moon became more brilliant. Even the stars seemed to shine brighter.

It was nothing like the evening I’d had in mind. It was better. The four-mile trek allowed us to spend time looking at things we would have missed speeding past in a tram. I marveled at the breathtaking beauty of Tucson at night, and also at God’s mysterious, yet perfect, timing. Even with all my preparation and scheduling, I couldn’t have planned something like this. God turned a missed tram ride into a chance to see his creation in a whole new way.

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