Mysterious Sign of a Marriage Proposal

A chalk drawing in a coffee shop signals an upcoming surprise.

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Marriage proposal

“Never in my life have I ever found something with my name on it,” my sister Priscilla told me a few weeks ago. It sounds a bit dramatic, but it’s true! When we were little and we’d look in souvenir shops on vacation, she could never find her name printed on a mug or keychain or license plate magnet. After all, Priscilla isn’t the most common name.

But, the other weekend, something happened to Priscilla involving her uncommon name. She was at a birthday party for her boyfriend Joseph’s nephew. Someone had gotten the birthday boy a sign with his name on it from a store online.

“Look up my name at that store to see if they sell anything with my name on it,” she told Joseph. He looked it up on his phone. But, alas, nothing of note came up.

After the birthday party, Priscilla and Joseph went to a coffee shop. They stopped at a counter to add sugar to their coffee.

“Hey,” Joseph said. “Look at that!”

He pointed above the counter. There was a chalk drawing on the wall of a tree with different names on it, presumably employees of the shop. At the top right of the tree were two names side by side: Joseph and Priscilla.

Priscilla couldn’t believe it!

Neither could I. See, when she told me the story, I knew something that she didn’t. In a week, Joseph was planning on proposing! I couldn’t help but wonder if those names on the tree were a little sign or wink from above that she and Joseph were meant to be.

What do you think? And have you ever experienced a “mysterious ways” involving a name? Share your story below!

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