Of Healing and Miracles: When Nurses Make a Difference

The role of nurses in seeing us through health crises is can't be overstated. These dedicated health professionals are there when we need them most.

Posted in , Jul 17, 2017

A nurse stands, smiling, as her colleagues look on

Nurses are a special breed of caregivers; they are at our sides when we are at our most vulnerable and play a vital role in restoring us to health. Here are some of our favorite Mysterious Ways stories about nurses who help to facilitate healing, both medical and miraculous.

A Nurse's Comforting Words
She was a nervous wreck as she awaited surgery on her ruptured disk, but a caring nurse comforted her in a way she could never have expected.

This Nurse’s Nightmare Saved a Life
Her unsettling dream didn’t make any sense, until she got to work that night. Then the lessons it taught her proved to be life-saving ones.

With God's Help and a Caregiver at His Side, He Was Given a Second Chance at Life
The doctors feared he had lost all his higher brain functions, but God—and one dedicated caregiver—knew otherwise.

A Heaven-Sent Caregiver for the World's Best Nurse
After devoting her life to caring for others, her mother deserved special treatment in her final years. But where would they find just the right caregiver?

A Nurse and a Bible Verse Helped Him to Fully Heal
A burn victim questions whether he deserves the prayers and support he's received, but a few choice words of Scripture from the lips of a kindly nurse open his eyes.

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