Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

There were no presents under the tree, but their son felt the presence of angels around it.

Posted in , Nov 27, 2014

An Angel on a Christmas tree

Out of work at Christmas. Was there any worse time to be unemployed? The baby was only nine months old, but his brother, Buddy, was three.

“I hope he’s not expecting anything special,” I said to my husband. It was all we could do to keep food on the table. And being proud, we didn’t let on to family and friends how bad our circumstances were.

“At least we have a tree,” I said. We’d sprung for it before I lost my cashier job. It almost called more attention to our predicament. We had a tree, all right, but there would be nothing under it this year.

Two days before Christmas, Buddy woke us up early in the morning. “Get up!” he shouted. “Come see the angels!”

We followed him into the living room. “The angels are dancing!” he said, pointing to the Christmas tree.

He was so excited that I hated to contradict him. “I don’t see any angels, sweetie,” I said. Neither did his dad.

Buddy gave us a cross look as he stretched out his little arm and pointed. “But the angels are right there, Momma! Dancing around the Christmas tree!”

Maybe there would be nothing under the Christmas tree this year, but the angels all around it gave our family a Christmas none of us would ever forget.

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