Santa to the Rescue

When she got lost in a snowstorm, a jolly earth angel in a red suit came to her rescue.

- Posted on Nov 27, 2014

An artist's stylized rendering of Santa Claus with white angel wings

My last-minute Christmas shopping couldn’t wait another minute—even though it meant driving in the snow. Now all I had to do was find my way home.

There’d been big changes in my life recently. I’d moved back to my old hometown after a 40-year absence—and married my high school sweetheart. The town had grown in leaps and bounds since I’d last lived here, and driving was an adventure, snow or no snow.

I threw my packages in the trunk and brushed off my windshield. As I got behind the wheel, my friend Pam called. “I was out shopping,” I told her. “I’m anxious to get home before the snow gets any heavier.”

“Take the shortcut,” Pam said. “Newton Tomlinson to Miller Graber. Remember? We went over it the other day.”

“Right! I’ll save a good ten minutes! I’ll call you when I get home,” I said, and hung up.

I found Newton Tomlinson. Then I was stuck. “Do I make a right or a left?” I wondered out loud. I turned right and drove on, never hitting Miller Graber. It looked like I’d have to turn around. But where? The snow was really coming down. I needed to regroup, maybe call Pam.

I pulled over and hit the hazard lights. Lord, I’m so thankful for all the new blessings in my life, but sometimes change can be overwhelming. I reached over to the passenger seat to dig my cell phone out of my purse.

A rap on my window made me jump. Staring in at me was…Santa Claus? I rolled the window down a crack.

“Need help?” the man in the Santa suit asked.

I explained that I must have taken a wrong turn on Newton Tomlinson, and where I was headed. “I’m on my way to Miller Graber for a Christmas party,” he said. “Just follow me!”

That Santa who found me on the road should have been wearing an angel costume instead. While I navigated my way through these happy changes in my life, angels of every kind were always nearby to guide me.

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