Subtle Signs

How you can recognize intimate signals from God.

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Recognizing miracles just takes practice.

I once read of a primitive tribe in Africa who sends each teenager out to live in the jungle alone for a certain time period.

While there, the kids’ main purpose is to commune with tribal spirits, and then to bring back advice and perspectives to the elders. The clan expects this interaction, and it happens. 

In our more “sophisticated” society, such events as angel sightings or miracles aren’t as readily expected. I think we miss a lot of signs from heaven not because they aren’t there, but because we aren’t conditioned to watch for them. We expect miracles in epic proportions.

But I think miracles are more often very subtle. They’re intimate signals from God that happen every day to people of all faiths, small touches that often go unnoticed. We would more readily recognize these glimmers if we were aware of their possibility.

During this week, it might be fun to take note of how many times we ask God for little things: a parking place, healing a child’s cough, that the milk lasts through dinner—and see how many are quietly addressed.

These marvels won’t be covered by the press. It’ll be you, communing with the Spirit.


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