The Grandma Code

Can you help unlock a nearly 20-year-old mystery?

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Letters written on a card by a beloved grandmother soon before her death

See this card full of letters? Do you know what it means? Take a moment to look at the letters carefully. The ones on the front and the ones on the back.

Think about what they could stand for. Is it a cryptographic cipher? Some sophisticated code? Just completely crazy? Do you see any patterns, or meaning at all?

What if I told you that the person who wrote these letters was a grandmother, dying of cancer? That this card, and others like it, were written in the final weeks of her life, when she was no longer able to speak? For nearly 20 years, her grandchildren have struggled to figure out what message she was trying to send.

Look at the letters; try to work it out yourself. Step away from the computer for a while. When you think you have it, or you’ve just plain given up, come back, scroll down, and read on...



















The family posted the grandmother’s code online, hoping that the wisdom of the Internet citizens could help them come up with an answer. Almost immediately, someone responded with the following message:

“Was she a religious woman? The last As, as well as the AAA combo, make me think of ‘Amen, amen, amen.’ ”

That turned out to be the key.

As Slate reports, the code is a prayer. The back of the card begins, “Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name...”

Many lines have been deciphered already, but there is still much more to figure out. Visit the original post yourself and help solve the puzzle! This family needs your prayer knowledge!

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