The Mysterious Ways of Love

Know a mysterious story of star-crossed lovers? Tell us how God played matchmaker!

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Mysterious Ways blogger Adam Hunter

Watching the Golden Globes on TV last Sunday, I found that one couple in the star-studded audience drew my attention more than anyone else amid the glamour of the evening. Apparently, these two lovebirds caught the cameraman’s interest too–I must have counted at least four cutaways to the smiling pair: Matt Damon and his wife, Luciana.

Most of us know Matt’s story–Boston kid writes Good Will Hunting (with friend Ben Affleck), wins an Oscar, and next thing you know, he’s a member of Hollywood’s A-list. But I didn’t know anything about his wife until late last year, when I read an interview with Matt about how their relationship began.

Matt would have never met Luciana, a single mother living in Florida, if it weren’t for a series of unlikely events that brought him to the right place at exactly the right time (it involved a gross-out comedy, a drunken heckler and a Miami nightclub). You can read the full story in the February/March issue of Mysterious Ways. While Matt holds his faith close to the vest, he’s admitted in interviews, “All that stuff happened by some series of coincidences, so it makes you wonder...”

I’m a sucker for those kinds of Mysterious Ways stories. Two people meet under incredibly unlikely circumstances and end up falling in love. A couple witnesses a sign that convinces them they were “set up” by a higher power. Stories confirming that “soul mates” and “star-crossed lovers” really do exist. I’ve written about how my own relationship has felt blessed from the start, in Mysterious Ways magazine and on this blog, a few times.

In our February/March issue (in subscribers' mailboxes soon!), you’ll read a lot more of these stories. As Editor-in-Chief Edward Grinnan writes, “There is nothing more mysterious than the power of love, its ability to shape and transform our lives... Life as we know it is not possible without love.” Edward goes on to share his personal story about how he first connected with his future wife.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner–heads up, guys, make those dinner reservations–we want to hear your true stories of how two people found each other and fell in love. Did it take beating incredible odds, like Bill and Gloria Jamieson? Was a lucky–or unlucky–number involved, like the story of Betty Jean Ward’s parents? Did paths unknowingly cross many years before, as Lana and Steve Smith discovered before their wedding day? Or did a couple break up, only to be brought together again by an incredible event, like Leslie Ackerman and her ex-husband?

What mysterious, fateful moment came out of the blue to make two hearts into one? Share your story with us, so we can share it with others this Valentine’s Day!

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