The Otherworldly Glow in the Photo

A departed sister lets her family know that she's still up to her old tricks, even from heaven.

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An otherworldly glow in the photo

Have you ever captured something mysterious or kind of mystical on camera?

That’s what happened to Mysterious Ways contributor Dana Apple. She recently emailed me about one such photo. You see, her sister, Linda, was always a jokester and prankster growing up.

“If the world wouldn’t entertain her,” Dana said of Linda, “she would entertain herself, usually by pranking someone nearby!”

In 1993, Linda passed away suddenly from a cerebral hemorrhage. She was only 42. Her two kids came to live with Dana.

“Based on my knowledge of Linda’s trick-pulling tendencies, I issued a request after she died,” Dana said, “I told her, ‘Do not come see me. Do not make an appearance. I’m serious.’”

True to her nature, Linda didn’t listen. A few months later, Dana and her niece and nephew got a puppy named Sadie. “I took several pictures of my niece with Sadie,” Dana said.

When she eventually developed the photos, Dana couldn’t help but laugh. There was an otherworldly glow in every single one of the photos. A glow that some would say ruined the pictures. But not Dana.

For her, it was a message, loud and clear, from Linda. Her special way of letting her family know that she was still with them and up to her old tricks, even from heaven. 

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