Fortune cookie

This Fortune Cookie's Special Message

A visit to her late husband's favorite Chinese restaurant led to a comforting sign from heaven.

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Illustration of a cat drinking water

The Miracle Water That Healed Her Cat

Her pet had long suffered with gunky eyes—until she gave him some healing water from the sacred Mount Sainte-Odile spring in France.

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Billy Bass/ Illustration by Chris Buselli

How a Singing Fish Gave Her Comfort

The Billy Bass gag gift taught her to expect the unexpected and that God was always with her.

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Butterflies/ Illustration by Jim Tsinganos

These Butterflies Brought Comfort from Beyond

Three stories of grieving people who all found solace from butterflies that flew into their lives at just the right time.

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Elise Ballard/Photo credit: Ersin Karabulut

A Conversation with an Epiphany Expert

Elise Ballard has written a book about these divine revelations and how sudden insight can change your life.

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Illustration by Alexander Wells

A Head Injury Sustained During WWII Changed His Relationship with God

But was it a bullet or was it a bee sting? He thought it was a miracle.

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Close up of a woman's eye.

12 Types of Heaven-Sent Visions

According to preacher and writer Dr. James W. Goll, there are 12 types of prophetic visions in the Bible. As Dr. Goll says, “Prophetic visions are not just for prophets.” They’re signs and messages from God we still experience today.  

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A dark, stormy sky.

The Big Question: Is Hell Real?

We’ve always had to grapple with the uncertainty of what awaits us after this life. If there exists the possibility of an eternity of peace, or is the opposite also true? Does Hell exist? It’s a question that philosophers, theologians and thinkers throughout the years have tried to answer.

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Jeff Olsen and Dr. Jeff O'Driscoll/ Photo credit: Robin Johnson

Their Shared Near-Death Experience Formed An Unbreakable Bond

After a devastating car accident, a glimpse of the afterlife continued to remind this patient-doctor duo of their divine connection. 

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Sunbeams streaming through clouds

Dreams That Were More Than Just Dreams

This collection of stories proves the divine power behind dreams.

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An artist's rendering of a young boy on a bike.

The Life-Changing Moment When He First Heard God’s Voice

Guideposts Executive Editor Rick Hamlin recalls the mystical childhood experience and talks with others who had similar “peak experiences.”   

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A landscape shot of Janis Peters.

She Discovered Her Calling for Caregiving in a Dream

This empty nester realized that caring for others was exactly what God had planned for her.

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