A yellow rose with prominent thorns blooming under the sunlight.

The Big Question: Why Does God Give Us Thorns?

Here are twelve thoughts on why God puts thorns in our lives…

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Photograph courtesy of Maarten de Boer/Getty

5 Celebrities Who Heard from God in Startling Ways

A-listers share their experience with prophecies, visions, timely interventions and other mysterious encounters.   

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Dream That Saved Her from Danger

The Dream That Saved Her from Danger

Guidance from a crazy dream suddenly all made sense.

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Finding God's Grace

Finding God in the Darkness

In dark times, we can rekindle our relationship with God—if we choose to.

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A monarch butterfly on a flower.

A Heaven-Sent Sign from Above

After her mother passed away she couldn't enjoy much. Until she found a symbol of a new beginning.

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A woman dreaming at night.

How Dreams Affect Us Differently

The Mysterious Ways senior editor recalls a dream she remembers vividly.

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Good Friday cross

Why Good Friday Is So Important

Sometimes we have to face our own sorrow and suffering for greater truth to be revealed.

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When God Laughs

When God Laughs

Was the song a sign that God had heard and answered her prayer?

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Getty Images

Breaking Down the Mystery of Speaking in Tongues

Guideposts Executive Editor Rick Hamlin shares what he learned about the practice that dates back to over a hundred years.

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Silhouette  of Nadia McCaffrey

Three Near-Death Experiences Later, She Got the Message

Nadia McCaffrey wondered why she was allowed to come back not once, not twice, but three times.

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A spiritual mother looking down at her daughter.

Mothers and Miracles

Research shows why mothers are able to connect with their children through dreams and visions.

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Pamela Slaton

Intuitive Investigator Helps Woman Search for Long-Lost Brother

Mysterious Ways teams up with investigative genealogist Pamela Slaton on a remarkable journey to help reunite siblings.

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