A Guideposts staffer shares an inspiring story of a miracle

An Inspiring True Story from Guideposts' 'Miracles Do Happen'

Here's an inspiring story of a dream that proved to be a miracle, excerpted from 'Miracles Do Happen,' new from Guideposts, a collection of stories and tips that will help you to strengthen your faith and recognize God's handiwork in your own life.

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Guideposts' Ty'Ann Brown

'Miracles Do Happen,' an Inspiring New Book from Guideposts

Listen as Ty'Ann Brown shares how Miracles Do Happen from Guideposts Books can strengthen your faith and give you a whole new outlook on the ways that God can—and does—work wonders in your life.

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Facebook Live: When Bubba Met God

Facebook Live: When Bubba Met God

Join us May 30th at 3pm EST on Facebook.com/MysteriousWays to talk live with James "Bubba" Bay

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Mark airboating on the Tigner Reservoir

The Voice That Saved Him from a Swarm of Killer Bees

When a routine trip collecting alligator eggs turned deadly, Marc heard a stern and familiar voice.

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How Years of Chronic Pain Tested Her Faith

She prayed for healing from a lifetime of pain and tumors. Was she not faithful enough?

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Finding the Divine Spark in Everyday Life

Mysterious Ways senior editor Hilary Ribons explains how divine inspiration is innate in everyone.

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A mature couple exchanges rings during their wedding ceremony

Was She Ready to Say 'I Do' Again?

She lost her husband to cancer and wasn't sure if she'll be able to marry again, until she got this message of support.

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How Their Late Dog Provided Comfort

Izabelle, their golden retriever, dutifully watched over their daughter with epilepsy—even after Izabelle passed.

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Her Phone Call Saved Her Brother's Life

She'd given up on her brother, who had battled alcoholism for years, but a voice compelled her to try again.

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Divine Intervention Saved His Life

He was skeptical about miracles and other people's spiritual experiences, until this happened.

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Eric Guel

Could His Vision of Having a Daughter Come True?

He saw an image of himself as a father a decade before he married, but wondered if it was just his imagination.

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Mark Porter

A Mysteriously Familiar Voice Led Him to Safety

Hunting for gator eggs in a swamp, Mark and his brother were beset by a swarm of killer bees. Whose voice was it that helped them escape?

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