Woman walking through airport in sunlight (Getty Images)

A Surprise Encounter at the Airport Brings Her Comfort

A grieving mother almost misses her flight; then an old friend shows up. 

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Pay it forward, act of kindness, surprising end

A Divine Sign When Paying It Forward

Her friend gifted her a trip to the salon. Decades later she paid it forward — and got a heartwarming surprise.

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Young woman taking a picture with a vintage camera from car window (Getty Images)

7 Heaven-Sent Photos

These folks received comfort through divine signs and snapped a picture to prove it.

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A puzzle piece with the letter H

Mysterious Ways: H Is for Heaven

Grieving over the loss of her beloved grandfather, she found comfort in a not-so-random jigsaw puzzle piece.

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A pair of black combat boots; Photo credit: DAVID COLE/ALAMY

How a Pair of Combat Boots Became a Divine Reminder

A sign from beyond for a grieving friend.

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An illustration of a farmer celebrating rainfall; ILLUSTRATION BY GIORDANO POLONI

The Miraculous Answer to a Farmer’s Prayer

An intense drought that spanned over weeks struck their farm. Would rainfall ever arrive?

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Hands holding each other in a circle; GETTY IMAGES/ISTOCKPHOTO

The Divine Miracle of a Healing Circle

A rare autoimmune disorder yielded doubt on the future of her health. Until she experienced an otherworldly phenomenon...

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A portrait of Jesus in a gold frame; Photo credit: STEPHEN BARNES/ALAMY

How This Portrait of Jesus Saved Their Lives

As a fierce flood ravaged their home, a certain picture reminded her that she was not alone.

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A red dog collar that reads TIKI; Illustration by HENNIE HAWORTH

How Finding Their Childhood Dog Became The Perfect Reunion

Thanks to an old T-shirt and God they were able to reunite with the small, white canine.

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Katie Mahon (left) with Joan Hill; Photo credit: Joan Hill

Q&A with Miracle Authors Joan Hill and Katie Mahon

The duo went on a 20-year journey of discovering miracle stories and the meaning behind them.

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Colorful sound waves; Getty Images

How Hearing God’s Voice Provides Comfort and Reassurance

Whether it’s a whisper in our hearts or an audible voice, God reaches us in ways we can’t ignore.

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A pair of hands holding each other; Getty Images

In the Midst of Dementia, A Miraculous Moment of Clarity

A heartfelt conversation between mother and daughter serves as a reminder that God never forgets us.

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An illustration of a woman sleeping in her bed; Illustration By GÉRARD DUBOIS

How a Series of Mysterious Dreams Saved Her Life

In these intense dreams, a shadowy specter relayed messages that prompted her to take action.

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Thunderstorm clouds over Kansas; Getty Images

Heavenly Protection During Natural Disasters

Stories of divine rescue from tornados, snowstorms, wildfires and more.

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