George MacDonald

George MacDonald: The Fantasy Writer Who Shaped C.S. Lewis, J. R.R. Tolkien and Madeleine L’Engle

How little-known writer George MacDonald transformed the fantasy genre.

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A majestic whale in emerges from the ocean

The Wondrous Ways of Whales

The ocean and its inhabitants remain mysterious but of all of the creatures of the deep, whales in particular continue to fascinate humanity.

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A young boy holding a teddy bear in a  forest.

Fascinating Facts About the Near-Death Experiences of Children

Nearly 85 percent of children who undergo cardiac arrest have a near-death experience. What exactly do children see in heaven and how does it affect their lives?

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Man holding an open Bible

How to Interpret Your Dreams Biblically

Tips for using the Bible to understand your dreams.

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Miracle on Christmas

A Sign from Heaven on Christmas

A grieving daughter receives a beautiful sign of comfort on Christmas day.

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A vintage glass Coke bottle with 'Debbie' on the label.

Could She Reconnect with a Long-Lost Friend?

Roberta Messner wondered if her friend would even want to hear from her

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Judy's childhood home in Placentia, Newfoundland

A Pair of Miraculous Christmas Rescues

A sinking ship. A girl who fell through the ice. Was there a divine connection?

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Dr. Anthony T. DeBenedet blowing bubbles outdoors.

Why a Sense of Wonder Is Important

Discover an expert's view on the connection between wonder and spirituality

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Sunshine streams through beech trees in bluebell woods of Oxfordshire.

The Big Question: Is Doubt Necessary for Spiritual Growth?

For hundreds of years, writers, theologians and philosophers have mulled over this question— and many believe that moments of doubt lead us to a greater understanding of our faith. Here are a few thoughts on how questioning can foster a deeper connection with God…

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Author and physician Dr. Anthony T. DeBenedet

Dr. Anthony T. DeBenedet on Reviving Your Sense of Wonder

Listen as author and physician Dr. Anthony T. DeBenedet shares tips for regaining and retaining your childlike sense of wonder.

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Guideposts staffer Andrew Kessler shares insights on how to find "thin places"—rare sacred spaces where the veil between this world and the next is thin.

Between Heaven and Earth: How to Find a Thin Place

Guideposts staffer Andrew Kessel shares insights on how to find "thin places"—rare sacred spaces where the veil between this world and the next is thin.

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Heart shaped cloud over cloudy and sunny sky with sunbeam

How a Near-Death Experience Changed Her Perspective

After a heart attack, she saw prayers surrounding her

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