A pair of kids in awe at the sea animals in the aquarium.

What Makes Our Guideposts Staff Feel Awe?

Awe is one of humankind’s most powerful states of being. Studies show it has the ability to strengthen your faith, improve your health—even change your perceptions of time. Here are all the ways, big and small, that the Guideposts staff experiences awe.

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A choir in a sanctuary

The Transcendent Power of Music

Science now confirms what believers have long known: Sacred music can bring on a meditative and reflective state.

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Cathy Lewan, a second-generation flyer, poses with her Cessna

Heaven Helped This Pilot Make an Emergency Landing

Thrust into a life-and-death situation, she learned that, though she had no passengers, she wasn't alone.

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A couple does a Google search on the word "bramble"

A Mysterious Dream Prompts a Life-Saving Doctor’s Visit

Her son’s nightmares and a Google search led to an important diagnosis.

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Karen's mom meets the actress who played Belle

What a Musical Meant to a Woman with Dementia

When her mother started singing along with the show, she was ready to leave. Then a voice ordered her to stay.

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A man in shadow walking in a tunnel towards the exit.

The Mysterious Messages That Helped Him Stay Sober

This recovering alcoholic describes three inexplicable events that saved his life.

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An artist's rendering of a soldier underwater trying to swim to the surface.

The Scenes from His Near-Death Experience

After an injury in battle, he heard and saw images from his life—including one of his future family.

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An artist's rendering of an illuminated, colorful version Jackie's mom.

A Final Visit from Mom

She hadn’t seen her mother in 30 years, but a vivid dream about her difficult parent finally brings healing.

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A close up of Teddy the toy poodle with Anna's family.

An Unexpected Message from God

After her poodle went missing, she realized that God had bigger plans for her small family.

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A portrait of Dr. Jacob Israel Liberman smiling.

The Mysterious Nature of Light

Optometrist Jacob Liberman on how studying light changed his entire life, including his relationship with God.

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Heavenly beams stream through clouds

5 Messages Received in Heaven

From seeing deceased loved ones to foreseeing the future, these near-death experiences reveal one common trait.

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A tombstone that reads Frank Morgan 1890 - 1949.

The Mysterious Path That Led Her to the Wizard of Oz

In an unexpected coincidence, she stumbled upon a surprising headstone in the cemetery.

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