Miracles don't just come from ancient stories and myths--everyday miracles are all around us, if we only have our eyes open to see them.

How people can be miracles to other people

Have You Ever Met a Miracle?

How God can speak to us through other people.

Gratitude for safety

Gratitude for Safety

A friend's close encounter with a poisonous snake prompts reflection.

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The miracle of you.

The Miracle of YOU!

Sometimes I search far and wide for a miracle and completely forget that my very existence is pretty miraculous already.

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 A Heaven-Sent Pizza Delivery

A Heaven-Sent Pizza Delivery

I worried about my daughter traveling on her own. Until I got a sign in a most unusual way…

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Roberta Messner

Experience Has Taught This Nurse to Trust Her Intuition

A highly trained nurse reveals one of the secrets to her success: Trusting her instincts.

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Adam displays the engraved metal button that saved his life

What Stopped a Deadly Bullet Just Short of This Police Officer's Heart?

When he survived a gunshot to the chest, his doctors called him lucky, but there was more to it than that.

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Bestselling author Christine Valters Paintner

Finding the Mystic Within: A Conversation with Christine Valters Paintner

Bestselling author Christine Valters Paintner on how to be more in touch with the silent, the spiritual, and the sacred in our lives

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Mysterious Ways staffer Daniel Hoffman

Why Don’t Miracles Happen to Me?

A Mysterious Ways staffer talks with a writer to whom mysterious, miraculous things happen frequently. Will her magic rub off on him?

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A black lab on a beach landscape.

Miracle on Maui

A breathtaking journey to a mysterious spot in Hawaii turns out to be just the surprise she needed.

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Waking up in the night to a strange smell

Could a Mysterious Smell Be a Sign of Something Spiritual?

Was the smell of burning wood chips just a figment of my imagination? Or something spiritual?

Actor John Corbett

John Corbett: The Importance of Saying Yes

His surprising journey from steelworker to actor, the moment that changed his life, and his movie All Saints

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A little girl gazes up in wonder at some fireflies

5 Ways to Discover More Miracles Around You

A columnist who focuses on miracles, large and small, shares some tips for spotting the miraculous in your own life.

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Author and Benedictine oblate Christine Valters Paintner

How to Channel Your Inner Monk

Christine Valters Paintner, a Benedictine oblate and best-selling author, shares her tips for finding the mystic within.

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Gloved hands with a safety glass flask in a laboratory.

11 Surprising Accidental Scientific Discoveries

Some of the greatest discoveries in science have been completely accidental. Then again, maybe science had a little help…

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