People Helping People

Giving to others is such an important expression of faith. As we give to others, we better understand the necessity of community and our call to “Love one another as ourselves."

U.S. Army Sgt. 1st Class (ret) Marshall Powell

An Iraq Veteran's Journey of Healing

An artist's rendering of Sherri's bowl of blessings

Someone Cares: Bowls of Blessings

She found counting blessings to be a helpful practice, so when she found out her friend was battling cancer, she sent her a special gift.

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An artist's rendering of one of Dave's inspiring homemade plaques

Someone Cares: All Purpose

A woodworker and lay minister finds an inspiring use for the scraps of wood that clutter his workshop.

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An artist's rendering of a young woman and a senior citizen chatting at a bus stop

Someone Cares: On the Bus

An Ohio woman speaks with strangers as she makes her way around town on the bus, offering prayers for them at home later that evening.

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Jack and Roger make their rounds at Gulf Coast Village.

How One Dog Changed Life at A Senior Center

The runt of his litter, Jack wasn't Laura's ideal candidate to serve as a therapy dog at the senior residence center where she worked—or was he?

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Colorful candles on a birthday cake topped with icing

"Make A Wish" Birthday Card

Here's an advance look at one of Guideposts' Someone Cares greeting cards for April 2017.

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teens from different racial backgrounds gardening together, smiling

At-Risk Teens Grow Hope in Community Garden

Here's how Project L.I.F.T.'s inspiring after school program helps these teens prepare for a better future.

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7 simple ways to make someone's day

7 Simple Ways to Make Someone’s Day

A compliment, a note, an inexpensive gift–all easy ways to spread a little joy.

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Director Amma Asante Is Empowering The Next Generation

A United Kingdom director Amma Asante is using her seat behind the camera to inspire the next generation of female filmmakers. 

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Heather Morehouse poses in front of the ship she served on, Africa Mercy

A Nurse Sets Sail on a Mercy Ship

Travel along with Heather Morehouse as she undertakes a journey of compassion and healing with Mercy Ships, an organization that sends medical ships to ports in developing nations. 

Jack, a Miniature Australian Shepherd who serves as a therapy dog for the seniors at Gulf Coast Village

Jack the Comfort Dog Brings Joy to Seniors

Meet Jack, a Miniature Australian Shepherd who serves as a therapy dog for the seniors at Gulf Coast Village,  a Volunteers of America-sponsored retirement community in Cape Coral, Florida.

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God's angels in the work place.

Angels in the Work Place

During a hospital stay, an anxious patient encounters a host of Earth angels dressed in medical scrubs and nurses’ uniforms.

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An artist's rendering of a woman sharing treats with kids

Someone Cares: Tempting Treats

A woman trying to stick to a healthy diet finds a way to share the treats she acquires over the holidays with those who would enjoy them.

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An artist's rendering of a crocheted cross

Someone Cares: Cross Fit

A woman in her nineties finds fulfillment in crocheting small crosses, snowmen and flowers for one and all.

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