People Helping People

Giving to others is such an important expression of faith. As we give to others, we better understand the necessity of community and our call to "Love one another as ourselves."

Aftermath of Hurricane Michael

Hurricane Michael: How You Can Help

Hurricane Michael was the most powerful storm to hit Florida in decades. Here’s what you can do to help.

A illustration depicting a young woman and older woman holding sprouted flower bulbs.

Someone Cares: Flower Power

Every year flowers from the important women in her life bring joy to others around her.

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An illustration of two cartoon cars smiling next to each other.

Someone Cares: Park Here

Parking a care solved a space and safety issue for her neighbor.

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An illustration depicting three mini pumpkins with mailing address labels.

Someone Cares: The Great Pumpkin

Every October her friend sends a special token to those who need a spiritual lift.

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House flooded in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence: How You Can Help

How you can help the areas hit by Hurricane Florence

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Helping others

A Different Kind of Church

When it comes to worshipping God, there are lots of places and ways to do so. Here's one.

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Two volunteer veterans teaming up to help those in need due to natural disasters.

Someone Cares: On the Ground

This volunteer organization deploys veterans to help aid natural disasters.

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A person texting a counselor on the Crisis Text Line for help.

Someone Cares: Text Help

This modern way to get help is handy for those battling their own personal crisis.

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A woman peacefully praying while undergoing a MRI exam.

Someone Cares: MRI Meditation

She prayed during the medical exam and afterwards felt the blessings.

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Keriann Otano and Dane Suarez's wedding photo

Hurricane Florence: 5 Stories of Hope

From improvised weddings to a modern day Noah's Ark, strangers stepped up after Hurricane Florence. 

A woman walks on the path to take out a large garbage bin for her neighbor.

Someone Cares: Good Neighbor Policy

These small acts of kindness she does to help her neighbors out always makes them smile.

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An outstretched hand offering BookBucks.

Someone Cares: Stop, Shop and Read

The kids at this school learn about smart spending and book recycling from this handy resource called the Bookstop.

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A blue basket full of assorted fresh muffins.

Someone Cares: Sweet Memories

He kept his wife's memory alive through her sweet treats.

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José (in blue shirt and vest) and fellow chef volunteers in Puerto Rico making sancocho

When Natural Disasters Strike, Chef José Andrés Works Culinary Miracles for the Hungry

When people are suffering, this top chef has a three-pronged plan of attack: Show up, spread the word and pray.

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