People Helping People

Giving to others is such an important expression of faith. As we give to others, we better understand the necessity of community and our call to “Love one another as ourselves."

ubans recover their belongings after the passage of Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma: Inspiring Stories of People Helping People

Through tragedy and devastation, these people came together to help total strangers in need.

JJ Watt helping Hurricane victims

J.J. Watt Has Raised $31 Million for Hurricane Victims

Houston Texans football star J.J. Watt is continuing his fundraising efforts to help Houston rebuild after Hurricane Harvey. 

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An artist's rendering of Audrey's Prayer Bears

Someone Cares: Prayer Bears

A woman uses her knack for knitting to cheer up friends and acquaintances in her small Ohio town.

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A volunteer receives donated items outside of a shelter for volunteer rescue workers set up at the Fairfield Baptist Church

How the Faith-Based Community Is Helping Houston

Churches, mosques, synagogues, and other religious groups are banding together to help those in need. 

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A family is evacuated from its home after severe flooding following Hurricane Harvey in north Houston

Hurricane Harvey: 7 Inspiring Stories from Houston

These seven rescue stories prove that even when a disaster like Hurricane Harvey strikes, people can band together. 

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Hurricane Harvey: How You Can Help Houston Recover

Here's how you can help the thousands of people affected by the devastating storm. 

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An artist's rendering of a stack of school supplies

Someone Cares: ABC's of Giving

Her daughter, who looked forward to the first day of school, came up with a way to share her joy with those less fortunate.

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An artist's rendering of a woman with a walker

Someone Cares: Dose of Laughter

Her grandson helped keep her laughing as she grew accustomed to life with a cane and a walker.

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An artist's rendering of a care box from church

Someone Cares: School Ties

A Virginia congregation finds a way to keep ministering to its young people even after they've gone off to college.

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A couple leave their flooded home the morning after Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma: How You Can Help Victims Recover

Here's how you can help the millions of people in Florida and the Caribbean recover after the disastrous storm. 


This Veteran Is Using Shakespeare to Heal

Who knew Shakespeare could help veterans with PTSD? 

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"You're in my thoughts, my heart, my prayers. It's a joy to find you there."
Help at a gas station.

A Gas Station Where Grace Abounds

A leaking car tire leads to a world of help in small town Wyoming.

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"Just to Say Hello" August cover

"Just to Say Hello" Greeting Card

Make someone's day! Send this friendly e-card to family and friends.

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