People Helping People

A blue basket full of assorted fresh muffins.

Someone Cares: Sweet Memories

He kept his wife's memory alive through her sweet treats.

José Andrés

A Chef's Call to Action Feeds Puerto Rico

José Andrés shows how one decision to help others after Hurricane Maria turned into a powerful act of everyday greatness.

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A woman walks on the path to take out a large garbage bin for her neighbor.

Someone Cares: Good Neighbor Policy

These small acts of kindness she does to help her neighbors out always makes them smile.

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An outstretched hand offering BookBucks.

Someone Cares: Stop, Shop and Read

The kids at this school learn about smart spending and book recycling from this handy resource called the Bookstop.

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Chef José Andrés

Chef José Andrés' Faith Inspires Him to Serve Disaster Survivors

Listen as the acclaimed chef shares what inspires him to reach out to those in need following natural disasters.

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Traveling Mercies

How a kind hotel employee came to the rescue for a traveler far from home

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Cesar Daza has invented a way for his friend Jose Gallego, who’s blind and deaf, to enjoy the World Cup.

This Blind and Deaf Soccer Fan Experiences the World Cup with a Friend's Help

Soccer fan Cesar Daza found a way to help his friend Jose Gallego, who’s blind and deaf, enjoy the World Cup.

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Helping someone

A Chance to Serve Jesus

Be on the lookout for any opportunity, no matter how small, to extend a kindness.

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A black POW/MIA Chair of Honor in front of a large American flag.

Someone Cares: Chair of Honor

This special seat is a reminder for the those who made sacrifices for their country.

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José (in blue shirt and vest) and fellow chef volunteers in Puerto Rico making sancocho

When Natural Disasters Strike, Chef José Andrés Works Culinary Miracles for the Hungry

When people are suffering, this top chef has a three-pronged plan of attack: Show up, spread the word and pray.

A woman looking to the blue sky as three jets zoom by.

Someone Cares: "Jet! Jet! Pray!"

Seeing these jets inspired his grandchildren to have respect for those in uniform.

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A polished tombstone of a World War 2 US Coast Guard Leon Ellis Durrence adorned with a bouquet of flowers and a small American flag.

Someone Cares: Neglected No More

Honoring those who served is his way to serve our country.

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Suzanne Spaak during World War II

Suzanne Spaak's Courageous Acts Saved Hundreds of Children During the Holocaust

Suzanne Spaak refused to sit idly by as the Nazis began their reign of terror. Her courageous efforts helped to save the lives of numerous Jewish children.

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George Vorel (center) with some of his employees

This Owner of a Steel Company Succeeds by Giving Addicts a Second Chance

The founder and owner of an industrial steel processing company in Carnegie, Pennsylvania, shares how his own daughter's struggles with addiction inspired him to change his hiring process to give recovering addicts a chance at a decent job with a working wage.

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