People Helping People

Giving to others is such an important expression of faith. As we give to others, we better understand the necessity of community and our call to “Love one another as ourselves."

An artist's rendering of a trio of homemade bookmarks

Someone Cares: Worth Bookmarking

A thrift shop volunteer uses her hobby of making bookmarks to touch the lives of her customers.

An artist's rendering of a woman handing a newspaper to a senior man

Someone Cares: Paper Lady

A Missouri woman's morning walks presented an opportunity to perform a small kindness for a neighbor with Parkinson's disease.

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An artist's rendering of students dancing at their prom under a banner reading Haiti Relief

Someone Cares: Prom with a Purpose

Students at a high school in Nebraska band together to make sure their spring dance isn't just about fun and romance.

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Veterans Community Project building tiny homes

Community Builds Village for Homeless Veterans

 A non-profit has helped create a village of tiny homes for veterans in need. 

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"A Heavenly Difference" Thank You Card Cover

"A Heavenly Difference" Greeting Card

Someone Cares is pleased to offer this thank-you e-card for June, which includes the inspirational story “A Heavenly Difference” by Fred Bauer. Click on the “Share This Slide” link below to send this e-card to family and friends.

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Nurses who make a difference

Nurses Who Make a Difference

National Nurse Appreciation Week brings back memories of kindness and care.

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San Fernando High School girls around their invention

High School Girls Develop a Solar Powered Shelter for the Homeless

An all-female high school engineering team invents an eco-friendly haven for the homeless in Los Angeles.

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This Summer Camp Helps Kids Deal with Grief

This Summer Camp Helps Kids Deal with Grief

Experience Camps is helping children heal after loss by connecting them with the great outdoors. 

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Adam Hunter on leaving Guideposts

A Fond Farewell to the Guideposts Family

Managing Editor Adam Hunter says goodbye after 13 years at Guideposts.

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An artists rendering of an open Bible with a verse highlighted

Someone Cares: Wedding Blessing

Her prayers were answered by a Bible displayed at her granddaughter's wedding.

Heather Morehouse with one of her patients

Mercy Ships: Her Voyage of Healing

When a small-town nurse volunteers to help treat impoverished people in developing nations, she comes to understand that God heals suffering in a variety of ways.

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An artists rendering of a box of cookies, ready to be mailed

Someone Cares: Bake Me a Blessing

A grateful daughter finds a sweet way to show gratitude to her 91-year-old mother, whose baking days are behind her.

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An artists rendering of a blank notebook of the type that Roberta gives away

Someone Cares: Say What?

Chance meetings with young parents give her the chance to share the best gift her mother ever gave her.

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A solider, alone with his thoughts, on a train

Moral Injury: Six Questions Answered

Here's a look at moral injury, a relatively new term for the emtional and spiritual pain that can afflict soldiers and others who are asked to perform actions that run counter to their moral codes.

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