A Country in Need of Angels

Haiti may no longer be in the news, but relief efforts continue. Here's how you can help.

- Posted on Dec 16, 2013

Up to 200 Haitians arrive at the Doctors Without Borders hospital each day.

Haiti faced troubles long before the disastrous earthquake in January 2010 and, despite international aid efforts, its hardships continue today.

Over 400,000 people still live in refugee camps, homeless and displaced. Many hospitals and health-care facilities have not been rebuilt, and those that have undergone repairs are hopelessly understaffed.

The following charities are dedicated to improving the lives of people in Haiti in a variety of ways. Donations, and in some cases volunteers, are more than welcome from those who wish to lend a hand.

Dayspring Ministries
This non-profit Christian ministry offers mission trips to Bon Repos, Haiti. Those who go on these trips work to better the local community by visiting clinics and schools to distribute supplies.

They also spend time with the many children at the “My Father’s House” orphanage, which Dayspring Ministries operates.

Doctors Without Borders
Doctors Without Borders is a humanitarian organization that provides medical assistance independent of any political or military agenda to many troubled countries around the world.

It has been a presence in Haiti since 1991. Since the 2010 earthquake, they have worked toward restoring the country’s hospitals and health-care system.

Action Against Hunger
Action Against Hunger is focused on bringing aid to malnourished children throughout the world, and Haiti is no exception. They responded quickly after the earthquake, and still continue to help today by distributing clean, safe drinking water to the population.

Because of the outbreak of cholera following the earthquake, Action Against Hunger also runs awareness campaigns for the local populace on the importance of hand washing and preparing food with chlorinated water.

We Advance
We Advance is a women’s rights group with programs that focus on empowering women in Haiti. They accomplish this by training local leaders in health, safety and education so that they can eventually handle these issues and programs on their own without outside aid.

Hope for Haiti
Hope for Haiti is a Florida-based charity that has been in operation for over 20 years. Their primary mission is to better the lives of the Haitian people through education, nutrition and health care in order to bring sustainable stability to the lives of the Haitian people.

Haiti Hospital Appeal
The Haiti Hospital Appeal works to provide quality health care in Haiti. Focusing on maternity and pediatric care, disabilities and community health, this Christian charity works hard to provide quality care. They currently run their own hospital, health center and ambulance service.

SOS Children’s Villages
SOS Children works with orphaned children in a many countries, including Haiti. Not only do they work to place these children in families, but they also support the communities these children come from to ensure they have the best possible chance at a better life.

Although they are based out of the United Kingdom, people from all over the world can sign up to sponsor a child.

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