A Nurse Sets Sail on a Mercy Ship

Heather Morehouse had wanted to be a nurse ever since her childhood in small town in Oregon, and she got her wish. Her first job was in Portland, Oregon, but it wasn't long before she accepted an assignment in the labor and delivery ward at a small hospital near where she grew up. She couldn't stop thinking, though, about the email she'd received from an old friend about Mercy Ships, an organization that sends fully equipped and staffed medical ships to ports in developing nations.

Heather looked up Mercy Ships online. "Almost instantly I felt a tug," she writes in her story for the May 2017 issue of Guideposts. "Resources? Many sick children in Africa have next to none... Every ounce of my skills and compassion would be needed there. Suddenly I knew where I was meant to be. I signed up for a seven-week commitment in Congo."

Click through to learn more about Heather's experience aboard the Africa Mercy.

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