America’s Angels

America's Angels stories focus on the people and programs of Volunteers of America. Helping people is one of the greatest gifts we can give others, and at Volunteers of America, helping people is their business. It's an organization that helps everyone from veterans to children, giving with open hands to those in need and transforming lives in the process.

Jack and Roger make their rounds at Gulf Coast Village.

How One Dog Changed Life at A Senior Center

The runt of his litter, Jack wasn't Laura's ideal candidate to serve as a therapy dog at the senior residence center where she worked—or was he?

Marsha Carey, the interim project manager of Denver’s Family Motel, with one of the children staying there

America's Angels: A Home for the Homeless

Be inspired by this story of how the Family Motel, an emergency shelter run by the faith-based nonprofit Volunteers of America, is impacting the lives of the most vulnerable among us.

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Meals on wheels for senior citizens.

Angels on Wheels

How a senior meals-on-wheels program persuaded a mom suffering from Alzheimer’s to eat

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Lt. Alex Beveridge gives Colton an American flag at Camp POSTCARD.

America's Angels: VOA Camp Gave At-Risk Boy Needed Confidence

Colton had recently lost his father and he was being bullied at school. But a police detective recommended him for a Volunteers of America sleepaway camp that made all the difference.

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volunteers of america operation backpack

Partner Spotlight: Volunteers of America's Operation Backpack

Volunteers of America serves tens of thousands of homeless kids across the nation through Operation Backpack.

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Marilynn leads fellow Homestead residents in song.

America's Angels: The Moe the Merrier

She may have moved into a senior-living and care community, but Marilynn Moe is not the type to slow down. She’s practically a one-woman welcoming committee!

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Volunteers of America Meals on Wheels

Partner Spotlight: Giving Love with Volunteers of America

The 120-year-old non-profit ministry has hundreds of human service programs that help more than 2 million people a year, including its famous Meals on Wheels program. 

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Guideposts: Willie at the kitchen table in his Spruce Manor apartment

America's Angels: An Independent Life

A young student and a standout athlete loses first his sight and then his hearing. Would he ever be independent again?

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Guideposts: Willie exercises on a recumbent stationary bike in his apartment

America's Angels: Life Lived Willie's Way

When Willie Wilson began losing his eyesight and eventually his hearing too, his dreams of a sports career faded. But he never gave up on achieving his goal of an independent life.

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Jack, a Miniature Australian Shepherd who serves as a therapy dog for the seniors at Gulf Coast Village

Jack the Comfort Dog Brings Joy to Seniors

Meet Jack, a Miniature Australian Shepherd who serves as a therapy dog for the seniors at Gulf Coast Village,  a Volunteers of America-sponsored retirement community in Cape Coral, Florida.

Guideposts: Volunteers of America’s Jim Zenner (right) chats with a fellow veteran.

Helping Veterans in Their Fight Against PTSD

Meet a veteran of the Iraq war who went from receiving help to giving it.

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Guideposts: Nasya Mancini leads her class for homeless teens.

Sharing Her Dream with Homeless Teens

Teased, bullied, shunned. Who knew better than Nasya Mancini how empowering acting could be for kids like her?

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Guideposts: Walter, a formerly homeless man who was assisted by Volunteers of America

A Place to Call Home

Here's how Volunteers of America helped a senior citizen find a home of his own

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Guideposts: Two men's hands clasp in a show of support and strength

How Volunteers of America Helped Save This Veteran

A U.S. Army veteran shares how he struggled to adapt to civilian life after being deployed during Desert Storm. Thankfully, Volunteers of America was there to lend a helping hand.

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