Celebrating Heroes Among Us

Tell us about about someone you know who has been a source of "everyday greatness" for others.

Posted in , Jun 13, 2018

Celebrating Heroes Among Us

Ordinary people perform heroic acts each and every day. Many of these acts go unknown to the world, but those who are impacted by their actions see these individuals as heroes…God’s ambassadors. Often, these “heroes” are our neighbors, co-workers, family members, former classmates and church members, but at times they may be complete strangers. These caring individuals that rise up to help others can be of any age, gender or social class.

I was in awe when I learned about the 22-year-old man, Mamoudou Gasssama, in Paris who climbed the balconies of a four-story building to rescue a dangling child. When asked why he did it, Mamoudou replied, "I did it because it was a child… I climbed...Thank God I saved him." He later said that he was so overcome once he got inside the child's apartment; he began shaking and felt faint. Due to this heroic act, they are now calling him the “real-life Spider-Man.” It’s unbelievable that Mamoudou risked his own life to save another, but thank God he did.

There are many heroes among us who don’t climb buildings like this young man or stop bullets, have x-ray vision, enhanced hearing or superhuman strength like the Marvel superheroes. Yet, their actions greatly affect the lives of others and may even save them. The helpful person who goes shopping for an elderly neighbor, the teacher who buys her students a small gift for their birthdays and the police officer who, after a long day of work, volunteers at the youth center for at-risk youth—all are heroes.

I’m excited to announce that Guideposts has a new initiative, "Everyday Greatness," a project created to celebrate the everyday heroes who touch our lives. Readers will learn about acts of greatness performed by others and will be encouraged to share their own stories. This is a great way to honor the hero right next door. These are the heroes who may not be known worldwide, but who have performed heroic acts for others. I invite you to celebrate your hero and share your story here or you can email your story to [email protected]

Lord, we thank you for the acts of kindness and courage among us.  

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