Choose What Breaks Your Heart

How God leads us to help certain people or places

Posted in , May 3, 2016

Willie Morris, founder of Faithbox, on what inspired him to help feed others.

The other day, I sat down with Willie Morris, founder of Faithbox, for the upcoming August 2016 issue of Guideposts. Willie grew up Christian, but fell away from his faith in college. Eventually, though, God brought him right back.

After that, Willie was perfectly content to lead a quiet life of faith. But God had other plans. Willie ended up starting Faithbox, a monthly subscription box service with handpicked items for Christians. Every box sold provides three meals to hungry children through the non-profit Rice Bowls.

Willie Morris of Faithbox holding the May 2016 issue of GuidepostsWillie and I got to talking, and he shared that he’s experienced a number of “God moments” along his Faithbox journey. Like the way he was led to a partnership with Rice Bowls.  

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“I almost didn’t go to this conference, they almost didn’t go,” Willie said. “But I met them and God put a fire in me for what they were doing.”

Willie said he grew up with more than enough food on his plate. Perhaps that’s why he felt such a deep need to help those who didn’t.

Speaking to Willie, it struck me how God places different “soft spots” in our heart. How He uses our pasts and presents to lead us to certain people or areas that need our help.

As with everything God does, it’s very personal. I can see it in my own life. I have compassion for a number of issues, but it’s the plight of Christians in the Middle East and those hurting from illness that I’m especially drawn to. It’s different for everyone.

Whatever your cause might be, Willie has this advice–support what breaks your heart. That’s what will spark your passion.

What about you? What cause do you care most deeply about? 

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