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Easy-to-carry inspiration for our troops.

Posted in , Nov 22, 2010

Let me introduce you to someone you help a lot.

Col. Ken Sampson has been a chaplain in the U.S. Army for 27 years. He has one of the hardest jobs of any pastor I can imagine. His flock is constantly changing, they’re under incredible stress, they’re young and they’re facing fears that would rattle anyone. When my friend Chaplain Sampson gives soldiers something to read, he knows it can’t sugarcoat the bad things people go through.

Early in his career he came across a booklet from Guideposts called Thought Conditioners. “It was great,” he says, “full of Bible verses and practical help.” He gave it to a guy in Special Forces and saw that it hit the mark. Even the size was just right, easy to carry around in a pocket.

Since then Chaplain Sampson has handed out hundreds of our booklets, not to mention countless copies of Guideposts magazine. “The stories have the real-life stuff people struggle with,” he says. “And they offer a wide breadth of spiritual experience and perspective.”

This is especially important because soldiers come from a variety of faith backgrounds.

Another thing he recommends is Daily Guideposts. “I suggest that couples read the devotionals when they’re separated during deployment. It gives them a way of staying in touch spiritually. My wife and I used the book when I was deployed in Afghanistan and it sure helped us.”

Booklets, magazines, Daily Guideposts, including a special edition with a camouflage cover—all are available free of charge to our military chaplains. We can be generous thanks to your donations.

Last year you helped us give our men and women in uniform 50,000 copies of Daily Guideposts, 700,000 magazines and 300,000 booklets. It’s our way of making a hard job a little easier. Chaplain Sampson and I are both very grateful.

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