How a Community Comes Together to Entertain Housebound Boy

Three-year-old Quinn can’t have any physical contact with the outside world, yet meets new friends daily⁠—through his window.

by - Posted on Sep 17, 2019

How a Community Comes Together to Entertain Housebound Boy

A three-year-old boy, who is under doctor’s orders to remain in isolation in his Weymouth, Massachusetts home for three months, has been getting many special visits from friends and strangers alike.  

Quinn Waters, also known as “The Mighty Quinn,” was diagnosed with medulloblastoma, a form of brain cancer, earlier this year. He received a high dose of chemotherapy in June, as well as a life-saving stem cell transplant, that almost destroyed his immune system, according to CBS News.

As a precaution, to avoid catching any illnesses, including a common cold that could result in a medical emergency, Waters is staying put in his room. According to his parents, Jarlath and Tara Waters, their son has remained positive. “He doesn't ask to go outside or get mad he can't, he doesn't pity himself,” Tara told MSN.  “He has the best outlook on life and laughs and plays until bedtime.”

Waters’ bedroom window, or “Quinn-dow” as he now calls it, has become his connection to the real world.  Family members began stopping by his window to play and socialize, then neighbors did the same. Many began showing up on his front lawn to sing songs, perform juggling tricks and entertain Waters with non-contact games and projects.

Since then, Waters has been greeted by a dog parade, a team of Irish step dancers, and by members of the Irish punk band, The Dropkick Murphys. Because his mother is a police officer with the Quincy Police Department, officers greet Quinn by driving by his home with their sirens on.

“It’s the positive energy from all these people that we believe has gotten him through his sickness,” Jarlath told CBS News. “You can never repay, you know- just maybe pay it forward.”

Waters’ doctors said they’ll know if the treatments are working in another month or two, although he should be able to go outside again in a couple of weeks, MSN reports.

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