Moving Company Offers Free Service to Domestic Violence Survivors

America's Angels: Meathead Movers' #MovetoEndDV campaign gives hope to survivors.

Posted in , Feb 22, 2016

Meathead Movers

In the March/April issue of Angels on Earth magazine, Aaron Steed shared the inspiring story of his company, Meathead Movers. In 1997, when he and his brother were high school athletes, they started a moving company to make extra spending money. One day, they got a call from a potential customer that changed everything.

A woman called who sounded scared, saying, "I need to be gone before my husband gets home." 

"She was obviously in danger," writes Steed, so they decided that they'd move her quickly and for free. 

"Free moves for people in abusive relationships became our policy, and we coordinated with shelters to make sure everyone was safe," says Steed.

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In 2015, a story about their continued work with domestic violence survivors and shelters went viral and they started the social media campaign, #MoveToEndDV.

"We challenged businesses to offer what they could [for survivors]: free haircuts, pet boarding, job placement, baked goods," says Steed, whose Meathead Movers still employs high school student athletes in California. The company encourages everyone to raise awareness for domestic violence survivors and to help them wherever possible.

"Every day I’m in awe of the strength and courage it takes for these abuse [survivors] to decide to start their lives over," he says. "They each deserve our support."

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