Philadelphia Barber Gets a Shop of His Own After Helping the Homeless

Brennon Jones, who has given over 1,000 free haircuts to the homeless in Philadelphia, was given his own barbershop by a kind stranger

by - Posted on Dec 22, 2017

Philadelphia Barber Brennon Jones, Haircuts for Homeless

Brennon Jones has dedicated the past year to helping others by providing free haircuts to countless homeless men. His idea came to him after offering money to a man on the street, which left him wondering what else he could have done to help. He then decided to drive around Philly with his clippers, which he plugged into his car battery, on a search to help others by offering free haircuts on the street.

“Haircuts 4 Homeless” has since provided so many haircuts to the men in Jones’ community that he’s stopped counting. He’s dedicated most of his time to driving around downtown Philly and helping men in need by making them look and feel better. His very first client even got offered a full-time job not long after being provided with Jones’ service.

“It’s a safe haven for me to touch and bless those lives that often we forget about,” Jones said.

It wasn’t long before Sean Johnson got word of Jones’ act of kindness, inspiring him to help. Johnson, the owner of “Taper’s Barbershop,” decided to give Jones, a stranger at the time, his newly renovated shop, completely free of charge. His goal was to provide Jones with the space and tools he needed to continue helping those in need during the winter months.

Jones recalls the moment Johnson made his generous offer, telling the Today show, “He said, ‘Well this building is sitting. Do you like it?’ And I said yes, I love it. He tossed me the keys and said ‘It’s yours.’

Jones is now able to continue helping the homeless in his new shop, thanks to Johnson. He has dedicated Mondays to giving the homeless haircuts, calling it “Makeover Mondays” while also providing food and transportation to and from the shop to those who may need it.

“I just continue to rely on my faith,” Jones said. “God brought me this far, I know he’s not gonna leave me now.”

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