Someone Cares: A Bag of Sunshine

These daily bursts of sunshine from a friend brought her happiness throughout her cancer treatment.

Posted in , Mar 25, 2022

Illustration by Coco Masuda

I opened my front door to find a bright yellow gift bag on the porch. A friend had dropped it off without ringing the bell, not wanting to disturb me in case I was resting after my morning chemotherapy session.

Although it was a dreary winter day, the gift felt like a ray of sunshine. Not only were the bag and tissue paper yellow, but each item inside was also individually wrapped in the same cheery yellow paper.

My friend had written a note explaining that I could open the gifts all at once or enjoy one each day. I chose to spread them out over the weeks of my cancer treatment.

I looked forward to those little daily bursts of sunshine: The items themselves—sticky notes, cookies, journals, Scripture cards, throat lozenges, squishy stress balls—were all yellow too.

My friend’s kindness brought sunshine into those difficult days and reminded me that spring was right around the corner.

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